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Not a problem just some information sharing!

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Sun Dec 09 2012, 07:12am
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Location: York
Had my 2007 GP for a few weeks now, covered about 3000 miles and messed about with it to a limited extent to try to get familiar before jumbo family Christmas holiday to Spain to see wife's family.

Bought it from Evans Halshaw York I won't make that mistake again! Have had a couple of minor problems with car and their service dept. has been willing but not really competent at all.

Thank goodness I know an excellent local independent who'll be taking care of it from January.

I joined this forum and used Dealer 1 to supply me some bits at a healthy reduction. This is what I bought: spare wheel winch and extension rod; overpriced (by citroen) tailgate sun blind for Spanish sunshine; USB box for wife's precious iPod, a set of OEM Picasso floor mats, OEM cargo net for huge flat boot, and a touch up stick. Went to Dealer 1 in person and what a marked difference to the feeling and competence from the huge PLC dealership.

They fitted the USB box for me while I waited in about half an hour for a very good price indeed and seemed to genuinely take pride in their work. It's a shame for me that I don't live near enough to use them al the time.

I've also bought a new three button fob from these guys on eBay: sjk-spares( 3232). I got my local locksmith to swap over the shaft from my existing key for a couple of quid.

Whilst on the subject of keys I was only supplied with the one, tired and filthy, key with the car so after some casting about found 'Caboodle' a local hardware shop in York (Acomb for those with local knowledge). Caboodle have branched out into modern car keys and whilst they aren't super cheap they're cheaper than main dealers and did a good job while I waited in about half an hour.

I opted for a basic key with no buttons which opens and locks the car and starts it so I can go about 'old school' should I lose the flashy key. This key was £69 in total. Three button ones currently £129 complete. Caboodle are also mobile and can cope with 'Lockouts'. Hope I don't need to use this service but good to know.

The cheapo gaiter for the gear lever was minging and split so I bought a leather one from top gaiters on eBay for about a tenner which was easy to fit and makes such a difference.

Fitting the winch under the back of the GP was pretty straightforward. The head mechanic peered for 10 seconds under the car and told his boss which nuts to supply to fit the winch my old car came with studs already in place.

Maybe newer cars don't? So after a few minutes groveling lying upside down under the back of the car I'd bolted both ends into place and winched the spare into place. I bought an alloy complete with a good Michelin Primacy tyre on eBay for £85 delivered which was less than buying a steel rim and a cheapo new tyre.

Hope no-one thieves it! So in total it's cost me less than £200 to be fully tooled up with real spare wheel which will allow me to drive normally once it's in place should the need arise.

All in all I'm quite contented and I'm very grateful to C6 Dave for his tireless work keeping this forum running.

All the best,
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 Dave_Retired. (09 Dec 2012 : 08:21)
Sun Dec 09 2012, 08:31am

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Location: Northumberland
Family run dealerships are streets ahead of the big 'chains' on Customer Service as you have found.

There are 6 Independent Citroen Specialist within 50 miles of you which you can find using the postcode search here: - Click Here - if you ever need some work your local garage can't do.....

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