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Stereo sound quality

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Sat Dec 08 2012, 01:01am
I purchased a DS4 a few months ago, really love it. However I’ve been quite disappointed with the quality of the stereo, I’ve got the Emyway (though no Denon upgrade). A little while ago I invested in an upgrade to the front speakers/tweeters with some JL Audio TR650-CSi component speakers.

They’ve resulted in a modest improvement but it’s still not great. In particular it seems to me the sounds lacking any depth at all to the bass even by comparison with other standard 6-speaker systems I’ve had in previous cars, for instance my 2006 C5 (not the JBL upgrade). This is on all sources, CD, USB, Aux input.

So I’m wondering what options there are to improve it. Given that I’ve blown my budget on the car and the speakers, I’m looking for a cheap option if possible. And though the “obvious” option might be to get a subwoofer, I really don’t want one of those in the boot.

I read on another thread here that the output from the standard HU is 4x12W RMS (I assume the standard Emyway is the same) which sounds quite weedy to me, so I was thinking that an amplifier installed under the front seat might drive the speakers better, surely even a really cheap amp is better than none at all. Or is a subwoofer the only viable option?

Have any other owners had similar experiences? I’d be interested in your views.

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