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Emyway Help

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Thu Dec 06 2012, 03:32am
Member No: #28430
Joined: Dec 05 2012
Location: Charente, France
Just bought new C4 Left hand drive Picasso in France which was imported from Spain, which is why it was such a good price. However it came with an English users manual which I had asked for, but the supplementary manual for Emyway is in Spanish. Have searched the net but cannot find a download for an English version. Does anyone know where I can find this.

The problem that I am having is that the satnav doesnt seem to have full functionality. The navigation part works, but I cannot access the POI's, or find the adress book, and now wonder if the Satnav has been installed/programmed properly.I have found the serial number for the version I am using, which is RNEG2.60.F.1 Both the bluetooth phone and the usb work fine.

Any comments or help would be apreciated on how to access the poi, and adress book, before I go back to the dealer and tell him it isnt working.
Thu Dec 06 2012, 06:37am

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Joined: Jan 29 2007
Location: Bristol
Cant help but have you copy and pasted the relevant sections into Google Translate to get you by for now?

I searched for emyway pdf on google and whole raft of stuff cropped up but dont know what to specifically look for...
Thu Dec 06 2012, 11:11am
Member No: #28430
Joined: Dec 05 2012
Location: Charente, France
Have tried googling emyway.pdf, but its all to do with installing speed camera updates, which isnt what I want to do as its illegal in france.

My biggest problem is knowing whether the software has been installed properly as there is nowhere on the satnav menu that comes up with POI.

Is there any way I can check its all there.
Thu Dec 06 2012, 01:01pm

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Have you tried copying your phone's contact list to the cars directory via bluetooth?

Are POI's available?

I don't remember any on RT5 in the C6 but don't know anything about emyway (RT6)

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Thu Dec 06 2012, 05:37pm
Member No: #27242
Joined: Aug 29 2012
Location: La Châtre, Centre France
I cannot find any manual for use of the Emyway GPS except for installing the camera updates. I bought an update when I had my Picasso in August and all seems to work OK. If you buy the update from the Citroen site the Radars for France is the new legal version which gives a warning triangle as you enter a "zone of high risk" as they call it. On the autoroutes you have a zone of 4km and the radar can be anywhere within.
I wish I could add my own POI's as I could on my old Igo8 GPS!
Fri Dec 07 2012, 05:18am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
Squeezy wrote ...

I wish I could add my own POI's as I could on my old Igo8 GPS!

Nothing is easier on my IGO8.

Plot your destinations on Google Earth, save as an *.KML file and copy to the folder …\iGO8\content\userdata\poi - which is an SD Card on my setup.

The Google Earth Keyhole Markup Language files are very bloated but will be read. They can be pruned down to as below if you have the time:

(I had to post an image as the code/pre-formatted text delimiters couldn't handle the EoL returns.)

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