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My Black Facelift Loeb.

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Sat Feb 08 2014, 02:48pm
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Joined: Feb 05 2012
Location: Bexhill on Sea
It's funny reading this post about your ICE upgrades, my first car a Mini 1000 didn't even have a radio as standard, I remember fitting a cassette player when they were the latest thing! I thought it was the best thing ever!
Sun Feb 09 2014, 02:24am

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
Citroening wrote ...

Thanks Tom, indeed I've been hankering after getting hold of them from him for a little while now...!

Yes quite true, going to do a proper job when the time comes. Hopefully make a nice and worthwhile upgrade. Going to wait until I've got everything I need and then upgrade it all at once.

The difference should be...ahem..."noticeable" compared to the standard system...!

One thing you are either going to have to take a dremel to the OEM mounts to get them on. Or better yet make some nice solid wood mounts for them. Can get 6.5" wood rings on ebay if you don't have a router to make your own. Then just put the OEM mount on a bit of wood make a template and cut it out.

How I did mine so they bolted straight up. Just a ran a bead of hot glue around the back on the edge to make sure it was sealed to the door. Then covered them in fibreglass resin to water proof them. But pva glue, paint etc will do a similar job.

Even the OEM speakers sound pretty decent in it now .
Sun Feb 09 2014, 10:59am
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I bet the Mini was a fun little car Peter!

Thanks for the extra info Tom, it did cross my mind due to them being larger that I'd need the mounts.

Looking on eBay they're not dear so I think I'll get a few from there as I've not got a router...

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