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Good explanation of the EGS gearbox

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Mon Nov 19 2007, 12:54pm
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Location: uk
Link to Citroenet website which has an excellent description of the EGS gearbox.

- Click Here -

I found it very useful in helping my decision to buy a VTR+ EGS. Delivery in 10 days.
Tue Nov 20 2007, 04:16am
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I would like to know what is the difference between Sensodrive and EGS, anyone know?
Tue Nov 20 2007, 04:49am
I'm no techinical expert on these things but as far as I can remember the two systems are essentially the same. Both are manual gearboxes with actuators for the gear slection and the clutch.

You'll probably find the the Sensodrive name is trademarked or whatever for 5 speed gearboxes and the EGS in the C4 comes with six ratios.

Any one else?
Tue Nov 20 2007, 06:03am

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As far as I understand the Sensodrive adapts to gearbox the conditions as you drive, in comparison the EGS adapts to the drivers style, changes gear quicker and adapts to provide maximum fuel efficiancy
Tue Nov 20 2007, 06:56am
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Rich_Eason wrote ...

EGS adapts to the drivers style, changes gear quicker and adapts to provide maximum fuel efficiancy

The EGS box, set to automatic, makes more changes than I would have chosen to and I assume that some or all, of these are related to economy "decisions".
Sat Dec 15 2007, 10:16am
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Had a chat with a Citroen technician today he said the diffewrence is Sensodrive uses 2 electric motors for clutch and gear control whilst the EGS uses hydraulics for the gear changes.
Tue Nov 26 2013, 12:12pm
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Clutch judder DIY
I have a 2007 Grand C4 Picasso Hdi 1.6 with EGS gearbox (6-speed piloted) 110000km. As you already mensioned the skilled mechanics joining my local forum: Citronik.dk (9500 members) and C4owners.uk seams to be tightlipped.

A lot of people have clutch judder and recalibrating, if helping, only pertains for a little while. Now, I am a mechanic myself, now retired and I might be facing a very costly repair for something maybe not neccesary, at least I would very much like to understand how this thing works before I hand it over to a "stranger" so I am able to follow what they intend to do with it.

In my min the judder can be a number of reasons not solely the clutch itself. It is mostly occurring in "cold" conditions (morning) and to overcome the judder (it will damage the whole driveline) I tend to push lightly on the brake with my left foot then push lightly on the gaspedal (making the clutch drag a little) the release the brakepedal, that usually get me started softly, and if I am lucky it is almost gone for the rest of the drive.

Also, it never judders in reverse, out of the driveway, untill I go into forward to take away, why is that?

That brings me back to my questions to the machanics: What is the problem? and what causes it? is it one component always or is it a combination of factors? Can anything be done to rectify this, other that new parts all over, now that we have gained years experience with this boxsystem , can we improve something?

It would not think that a, basicly sound, but worn clutch itself would cause this, my clutch do not slip. An oilstained clutch (sticky) would do this, are leaky clutch releasecylinder or crankshaft rear seal known issues? Wear in clutch release parts can not be an issue, there isnt any.

My reverse/backwards problem, could that be excessive axial play, the helical gears will push in either way when going rev/forw? The dualmass flywheel seams ok to me, no noise, no glap when accerating and releasing the gaspedal.

I would not like to think that this problem cannot be resolved, maybe even improved. The system is not perfect, but when it works and you get familiar with the shiftingpatterns I would almost rather drive with this than a traditional automatic. Especially 2 things are perfect: paddleshift while in auto and complete standstill while in gear when the gaspedal is fully released, this I enjoy every day;-)

Is it at all possible to perform a DIY repair on this system?, with a Lexia offcoarse.

I/we would really appreciate all the input and experience anyone can put up with in this matter.
Thanks from Denmark

Tue Nov 26 2013, 12:52pm

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Basically, it's not 'self adjusting' properly, taking up the wear in the system.

There are guides on site on how to re calibrate the EGS clutch using Lexia - Click Here - plus the is always the ' hard reset' method which often works: - Click Here -

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