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GC4P - Electric Window Switch - Intermittent

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Thu Oct 25 2012, 03:06pm
The window switch on the drivers side which controls the passenger side front window on my 2009 GC4P is intermittent - I often have to reach over & use the switch on the passenger door (it goes down but not up from the drivers door switch, but works both directions OK on the passenger side). Any ideas as to how to get the switch plate off the door so I can check the connections / clean the switch????
Thu Oct 25 2012, 03:21pm
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Before you take it apart, try spraying around the switch with contact cleaner. It often works.
Thu Oct 25 2012, 03:48pm
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Have a look here too - Click Here -

Seems a common problem as mine does this too!
Thu Oct 25 2012, 05:15pm
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Our passenger door mood lights didn't work at one stage. It was down to a connector that had come apart in the door.
Can't help with getting to it though, sorry. Just to let you know it does happen.
Fri Oct 26 2012, 11:49am
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This was the second warranty job on my 58 reg C4P after I bought it in Feb. The window passenger would work up and down automatically OK on first try and then not on the next until the ignition was switched OFF/ON. If you held the switch it would work. The dealer in his wisdom change the complete door panel on the driver's side but that didn't fix the fault.

However if you listened carefully the window would creak down in the down until you 'thumped' the door trim. Then the auto would work again. Repeat visits to the dealer resulted in them saying that the window track was causing the problem and ordered a new set.

However it dragged on until eventually on sept 3 I traded the car for a C3 Picasso.

I think the problem wa sthat the window never reached full closed and the system was in limbo, but what do I know.
Tue Jul 02 2019, 09:32am
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Just a quick thankyou. I was just about to buy a replacement switch unit, when I found this thread. Removed the switch, sprayed with contact cleaner and bosh, it's working like new. Thankyou.
Thu Nov 14 2019, 01:20pm
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1) Changed pins 4 and 5 on black 6 pin connector which is connected to the window switch (6554.HA)

2) Changed pins 3 and 17 on yellow 20 pin connector which is connected to the window motor.

This was done on the drivers side!

Charged 40€.

Now it's working after 8 years. For how long?

Mon Jan 03 2022, 10:49am
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Location: Maribor
After few months problem is still re-occurring and ideas?

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