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C4 Grand Picasso - tailgate lock questions

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Thu Sep 27 2012, 08:42am
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Joined: Nov 17 2010
Location: Shropshire
I've got a stuck tailgate on my C4GP Exclusive and have had a good look around the forum and suspect the problem is the microswitch behind the lock handle. When I open the top half of the boot I can hear the microswitch operating, but when I press the plastic handle for the main boot, there is no click.

I can see most of the instructions in this thread.

After a bit more investigation (and less rain!), answered my own questions ...

I started to follow this but had a couple of problems:

1. I couldn't see how to remove the plastic cover over the microswitch (ie the bit you press to open) and was wary of forcing it. Is it just a case of prising it off and clipping back on when finished?

My mistake - mis-read the instructions - the plastic cover/handle over the microswitch doesn't need to be removed

2. The first photo on the above thread threw me for a while as it only has 2 retaining bolts/nuts to undo. On the C4GP there are more than 2 as the external trim is the full width of the tailgate. There are at least 4 nuts to undo, possibly 6.

On the C4GP (and probably any C4P) there are 6 nuts to remove, then the piece of trim going the full width of the tailgate can be removed

I ran out of time at this point and had to hurriedly put it all back together before it started raining!

Any advice/tips before I get back to it next week welcome.

End result - job sorted, the switch was broken, now replaced. Hope this helps anyone else looking at this job on a C4 Picasso
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 Whateversin (11 Oct 2012 : 15:17) , Howzie (11 Mar 2013 : 05:27)
Thu Oct 11 2012, 03:17pm
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Location: Shropshire
This has happened to me tonight !!!! Not far from you either in Bridgnorth well I tried to open the boot and the handle seems like there's no click there and you can't open it. Is this what happened to you???? Where did you buy the switch from??? Also is it very easy to fit ??

Did you just replace the switch not the handle ???

Any advice greatly received

Thanks Charlotte
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 Howzie (11 Mar 2013 : 05:32)
Fri Oct 12 2012, 07:04am
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Joined: Nov 17 2010
Location: Shropshire
Hi Charlotte

Yes, that is what happened to me, sounds like you've got the same problem (although there are other possible causes on this forum).

I got the part from the Citroen dealers in Telford (Budgen Motors) - cost £25. They looked it up and found that there are 3 different versions of the switch so they recommended getting the old one off first.

Part numbers are 6554ZZ, 6554V5 or 8726V7. Luckily they had the one I wanted in stock, but not the other two (would have taken 2 days to get in). I just replaced the switch, not the handle.

Fitting is fairly straightforward but quite fiddly at times. The most difficult parts were prising the trim off the inside of the tailgate (where I managed to snap off 2 of the plastic studs) and getting the switch connector apart (where you are working blind behind the switch above your head with the tailgate raised). The instructions on the thread mentioned above say 30 mins, but it took me nearer to 60 mins.

Hope this helps!
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 Howzie (11 Mar 2013 : 05:37)
Mon Mar 11 2013, 05:36am
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Location: Wallsend Tyne & Wear
Hi Priorslee, Whateversin, Charlotte.

I have the same problem with my 2008 C4GP, just read your replys, and would like to say thanks for the advice & print out will tackle the tailgate when the snow has gone.
Cheers Howzie.
Mon Mar 11 2013, 01:52pm
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Location: Hove
This may help too - Click Here -
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 Howzie (13 Mar 2013 : 04:39)
Sun Oct 27 2013, 05:53am
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Location: Berkshire
I have run into this problem on my C4GP, but have now got the tailgate open using the screwdriver in the slot approach.

I have had a look at the various discussions about fixing and believe that the problem lays with the micro switch in the door. One thing I don't quite understand is how to get to the micro switch behind the handle.

Does the whole of the outside trim have to be removed to get to the switch assembly? If so; is it just a matter of prising the trim off or are there some hidden screws that I just can't see.

Does anyone have any specific pictures of the problem on a C4GP?

Many thanks for any pointers

Sun Oct 27 2013, 06:01am
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Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
You have to remove the plastic trim from the inside of the tailgate - 2 screws & lots of clips. Then you will see the 6(?) bolts that hold the outer plastic trim on. Remove these & the connector for the switch & it will come away.
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 mjmuk (31 Oct 2013 : 06:10)
Thu Oct 31 2013, 05:48am
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Location: Berkshire
@rusky Many thanks, will proceed and see what happens.
Thu Nov 21 2013, 03:34am
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Location: Berkshire
I finally got around to fixing my broken Tailgate switch and although I did find quite a bit of information in various posts, I thought I would contribute my information specific to my C4GP to help anyone else that has the same problem.

1. Removing the boot door trim - There are just four screws that can be removed, two are finger removable, the other two in the 'closing' handholds need a Torx driver. Once you have removed these, you will then need to carefully prise the trim away from the boot lid structure. The boot trim is held on by a number of 'pop' clips - see image 1.

The boot trim is also held in place at the top of the trim (the top being nearest to the boot window) by series of clips, see image 2.

Starting at the lock 'end' of the trim use a number of pieces of wood (this will stop any scratching of the paintwork) to prise away the trim. You will definitely need two people to do this as you don't want the trim to suddenly fall and 'rip' any of the top clips.

As you prise it away you will feel the 'pop' clips un-clip until you have all of them 'opened'. You will then need to lean into the top of the trip to un-clip the top retaining clips. You may need a small box to stand on and a flash lamp to see them. Once all is un-clipped you (and the other person) can lift away the trim.

Once we had done that, we found that one of the main supporting arms had come out of its location, this needed to be pressed back in. We also saw that glue had been applied to the brackets which accounted for some difficulty in getting the boot trim removed.

2. Removing the Trim containing the Boot Switch - First you have to disconnect the electrics from the two switches, see image 3.

Once that is done, use a 10mm spanner to remove the six captive washer/nuts that hold the trim to the boot frame, there is also a 'pop' rivet at each end of the boot switch trim - see image 4.

3. Replacing the micro switch - Once the trim is removed you can see both the switches, the whole switch assembly has to be prised out of its housing; it comes out quit easily, but as it's plastic, be careful not to break it.

The micro switch itself can then be unclipped from its location, see image 5 & 6.

4. Getting a replacement - This seemed straightforward from eBay as we not able to find any breakers yards in Berkshire that I had any parts. Cost was £16.99 and it arrived within two days. It appears that there are two sorts of micro switches, ours was image 7.

5. Reassembly - This is simply a reverse of the above and fairly straightforward. Makes sure that you test the new micro switch operation before you put the boot trim back on, test it a few times, just to make sure. When you come to replace the boot trim, you will again need two people, the top clips have to be 'connected' first - make sure the trim ends are also located correctly, before you start pushing the 'pop' clips back in place.

Once in place, replace the four screws and hey presto its all complete. Make sure that you test the lock again and the you're already to go.

Hope this description helps anyone else with the same problem.

ADMIN EDIT: images sorted and .pdf created to download here: - Click Here -
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 Dave_Retired. (21 Nov 2013 : 03:57) , toobob (16 Oct 2015 : 14:58) , bubblehead (20 Sep 2016 : 10:58) , Baddabing (08 May 2017 : 04:45)
Thu Nov 21 2013, 03:57am

Member No: #1
Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland

You can now download this Tutorial as a .pdf to print. - Click Here -
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 mjmuk (21 Nov 2013 : 12:09)
Thu Nov 21 2013, 12:21pm
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Location: Berkshire
@C6 Dave - Many thanks for sorting the images out at the right place in the text, normally okay on websites! Any tips on how to place them correctly?

I had made a PDF on my PC with images in the right place but did not see where it could be uploaded to the site.

Anyway, all sorted now. Great site by the way.
Thu Nov 21 2013, 01:00pm

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Location: Northumberland
You have to use the full 'Post Reply' function, select the images, then click 'Preview'

Then you can copy and paste the images into the correct place.

I simply went into 'edit mode', copied the whole thread and pasted to a file on my desktop and rearranged it all offline before pasting back.

PDF's have to be e mailed to me for security checking before uploading and setting up as a download.

Having .pdf's in a forum thread means anyone can download them and can result in serious bandwidth use (which costs £'s)
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 mjmuk (21 Nov 2013 : 15:48)
Sat Jul 21 2018, 01:30pm
Member No: #51500
Joined: Jun 26 2018
Location: Stourport-on-Severn
Very use full thanks. Did you have trouble locking your car ? mine wont lock, car image comes on with both back doors open ! when you drive you can hear clicking were its trying to lock the car .
Sat Jul 21 2018, 04:23pm
Member No: #16409
Joined: Nov 17 2010
Location: Shropshire
No, that wasn't an issue when I had the problem with the microswitch in this thread. However, it does sound familiar from another problem I had where the front passenger door was randomly locking the whole car. The problem traced to a failed sensor/CPU in the front passenger door which was sending incorrect signals. Fixing this wasn't a DIY job or one which I got any sense from the local dealer on. It needed an independent auto-electrician with experience of Citroen diagnostics to sort it for me.
Thu Feb 07 2019, 11:22am
Member No: #53066
Joined: Feb 07 2019
Location: bn424lj
Hi guys new member here 58GP my boot switch opens but not the boot window. The boot window switch feels loose as does the outer trim
Is it the same process as stated above for replacing the boot window switch and is there an easy answer as to why the outer trim seems loose
Many thanks
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