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C4 Loeb interior cleaning / shampoo ?

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Thu Sep 13 2012, 08:54am
Hi guys,

I have a red C4 Loeb which looks as shiny as the dau bought it on the outside however over time I have started eating food in the car when im in a rush...

As a consequence the felt type material that lines the inside of the drivers door (near the window switch and the actual bit you grab onto to push the door open .... has become a bit mucky and dare i say it "crusty" haha... and is no longer soft to run your fingers over...

Mainly due to rubbing my mucky, crisp laden, hands over it over time...

I have never had the inside of the car valeted before...but I am just wondering if there are any suggestions as to the best way to clean this material and get it soft again as it once was.... ?

Is it a case of firing some shampoo on it ? If so, any recommendations..

Many thanks in advance... Jimmy
Thu Sep 13 2012, 09:08am
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On a driving instructor FB forum I'm on somebody asked a similar question about cleaning the interior, mainly the seats, and the suggestion was to use one of those portable hand held steamers.

Would sanitise and clean but not soak the fabric.

I've got one and it's something I'd planned to try at the weekend.

If using on the arm rest I'd unplug any remove the switches first.

On my VTR+ the black fabric looks greyish, and I've used baby wipes on them in the past and these work ok.

Not sure what clean to use as I'd be afraid of 'bleaching' the material and taking the colour out.
Thu Sep 13 2012, 10:14am

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Before you attempt anything, have a read of the Alcantra Cloth (seat covering) Maintenance guide (Multi Language): - Click Here -

It does say:

In order to preserve the beauty of Alcantara® it is recommended that regular cleaning is carried out.

Don’t rub too vigorously, and we don’t recommend using steam machines.
Thu Sep 13 2012, 01:22pm
Many thanks for the suggestions guys and the manual Dave.

Will give the basic water and sponge approach a whirl first.
Thu Sep 13 2012, 02:38pm
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Hadn't realised the Loeb was Alcantara, so forget my suggestion.
Wed Sep 19 2012, 09:17am
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Just plain and simple autoglym interior shampoo has worked for me so far.

In future lick your fingers.
Wed Sep 19 2012, 09:49am
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Raceglaze Alcantara Cleaner is your friend in this instance: - Click Here -

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