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Leak of EGS Actuator Fluid

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Mon May 16 2016, 05:21am
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Joined: Apr 14 2016
Location: Havant
Great thread, i also have problems with my car selecting gear so i will give this a go first
Mon May 16 2016, 03:35pm
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Joined: May 16 2016
Location: Wales
Hi experts,

I am pretty certain I have this same issue. Same symptoms, car went to Citroen, they told me needs new clutchkit and actuator (over £2500), but, this was a very quick diagnosis (I believe) and on my inspection I can see lots of oil around where actuator is.

So, I plan to at least have a go at fixing the leak myself, if not, car will be sold to scrap .

My problem so far is accessing it to remove the torx screws.

I have removed the main air filter, now struggling with a large air pipe that I seem unable to remove. I removed two bolts holding it, but it then seems to snake up to by the radiator.

Any advice much appreciated, as don't normally get my hands dirty, but be a shame not to try.

Fri Oct 07 2016, 04:19pm
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Joined: Nov 13 2012
Location: Sheffield, England
Hi Jaffa,
Have you had any progress with your faulty EGS?
I have the same problem, just posted then found your post. I tried to access the actuator but can't get the air inlet pipe out of the way. Wonder if it comes out from underneath? I don't have a ramp so may have to hand it over to local mechanic.
Thu Dec 22 2016, 01:39pm
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Location: Germany
So I would like to add my experience of gear loss with my Citroen C4 Picasso Exclusive (2.0 Diesel)with EGS6 gearbox, and the mistake I made to cause the problem in the first place.

So I reversed up to my garage door placed the car in "Park" opened the door had one leg out then realized I needed something out of the garage, which meant I had to move the car forward a yard to allow the garage door to open, so being clever (drivers door open left leg outside my lefthand drive car) I put my right foot on the foot brake started the car slipped her into drive moved fordward the yard I needed slipped the lever back into "Park" at the sametime as turning the Ignition off without braking, car jumped a little but I was in a hurry!!
Got the things I needed out of the garage jumped into the car to move it back towards the garage door and she would´nt start I saw in the display that "D1" was being shown even though the lever was in "P" park, tried all positions with the gear lever but the car still had "D1" displayed. Opened the bonnet removed the airfilter and its housing wiggled the gear selector rod that run along the top of the gearbox and hey prestow car display changed from "D1" to Park and I could start the engine !!Brilliant!!.
But then no matter where I moved the gear lever only "P" was shown in the display, the car started only when the lever was in the "P" or "N" position. I couldn´t get any drive forwards or backwards and because it was in "P" park could not move the car and it was now parked with the front wheels in the middle of the foot path. Anyway had it recovered to my local rip off Citroen dealer here in germany, after checking on this wonderful forum and other websites diagnosed the problem and solution myself told the dealer the Gearbox ECU had got hung up and needed putting on the diagnostic machine so the Gearbox ECU could be re-programmed and then the gears re-calibrated, even gave them the "Instructions" in English only. They did managed to do the job but the bill was 400€ ;-(( They had to exchange the battery because the Diagnostic machine kept showing faulty battery and the machine would not allow re-programming so that was an extra 100€ the other 300€ for max 1.5 hrs work re-programming the ECU and recalibrating the gearbox..
I Know what I am getting for Christmas a Lexia 3 PP2000 Diagnostic kit DIY next time guys..
To be honest the car drives so much smoother and changes up the gears much quicker than it ever has in the 5 years I´ve had it and I imagine the fuel consumption will be improved so they done something right bless them ;-X
Thanks for all the very useful information on this forum great, the one thing I could not find on my gearbox was the Actuator oil tank?? must have one I suppose??
Hope my bad experience will help someone out some day.. Merry Christmas and Happy 2017 everyone....
Thu Jun 15 2017, 04:39pm
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Location: Munich
Hi there,
I had Problems with not engaging gears 2,4 and 6 and oil leaks under the car.
Got the pipe and the oil tank changed from Citroen for 600 Euros...
I noticed the same exakt oil leak after the repair and i ripped the air box out and noticed that the black seal was still on the filler cap (remove after instalation written on it...). i took that off and air escaped, together with a lot of oil. There was only a little bubble of air in the filler cap, the whole damn thing was completely filled with oil.
now a few days later, ther are still very vew drops of oil on the tank every time i drive the car, but the oil level is getting close to "MAX". Still a little bit over MAX from what i can see.
What do you guys think, should i drive a few more days and have a look if it stops to leak if the oil level is perfect, or should i bring it back to the workshop tomorrow?
Sorry for my bad english
Sun Jun 03 2018, 03:32am
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Location: Oxfordshire

This thread has helped me feel more relieved!!

Driving yesterday in my C4 GP 2007 - everything was fine and smooth. Stopped for
Some food and on returning to the car, putting it in reverse, it would show R on dash and then go back to N! Finally managed to get it in gear and start to drive. But every time I slowed for traffic lights it would put the car in Neutral! Managed to get it home but started panicking- gearbox faulty did display on dash eventually!

I’ve looked at the fluid bottle under the air box and have ordered some fluid but where does the pipe run? And what is the part number for the said pipe?

The car drives smoothly through all gears and changes okay when going but doesn’t like to be stopped!!

Any advice would be greatfully received - thanks
Mon Jun 04 2018, 11:17am
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Joined: Jan 31 2017
Location: Sheffield
I have had my c4 Grand picasso for 18 months and have always had a clutch judder which as is usually the case disappears when warmed up, however after towing the caravan back from Anglesey I got to within 400 mtrs of the end of the M67 when we were in crawling traffic and the judder returned violently. I managed to get home and after parking the caravan up I noticed a small pool of oil on the road coming from near the n/s wheel arch, so thinking that this was the end for the car I decided to take out the wheel arch cover to check where it had come from I sprayed degreaser around the egs reservoir and wiped things down and noticed that the oil was still above the minimum level. Having had many Citroen’s before I had some egs fluid so I topped the levels up started the car and checked was well, that was until oil started leaking from the cap so I removed the cap and using paper towel removed some oil but I had noticed that there was a small air vent on the cap which was full of grease and dirt, having cleaned that I put everything back together and have now run the car for 9 days without any clutch judder and the gear changes are smoother. So what I’m suggesting for the many suffering from clutch judder is for the sake of 30mins work removing the inner arch and cleaning the cap you might be lucky enough to get rid of the judder, just by cleaning the air vent.
Wed Jun 06 2018, 12:58pm
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Joined: Feb 23 2018
Location: Oxfordshire
I’ve stripped mine down today!! No pipe leak and have topped up the fluid level but still not staying in gear selected.

When you select a gear you can hear the egs squeak and fluid in the reservoir move but nothing!!

I’m massively scratching my head - as if it goes into gear it drives well but getting in gear is the issue

Any help really appreciated

Thank you
Mon Jun 18 2018, 11:10am
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Joined: Apr 05 2018
Location: HAVANT
Hi everyone,
Does anyone know the cost of the hose please?
Many thanks
Tue Jun 19 2018, 11:02am
Member No: #32528
Joined: Sep 16 2013
Location: Portsmouth
search ebay for hose 209038 £44.73 + £14.03 p&p from germany is the cheapest with best offer available
Thu Jul 12 2018, 12:15pm
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Joined: Apr 05 2018
Location: HAVANT
Hi guys, I had the dreaded "gearbox faulty" message on my 2008 1.6hdi c4gp. After reading the excellent advise on here I replaced the hose on the actuator and the problem disappeared for a day but then it came back. I found another problem caused by a failing coolant hose (part number 1351re, £9.26 from Citroën). It goes from the bottom of the radiator to just below the turbo. Where that was leaking coolant it was dripping onto the 3 electrical connectors on the gearbox and filling them up, after a good spray of electrical contact cleaner and a few cotton buds the fault message has gone and she goes through auto and manual smoothly.
Thu Jul 12 2018, 05:55pm
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Joined: Jan 13 2017
Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire
Mine has been leaking actuator fluid for quite some time. Recently I started getting the "Gearbox faulty" message on the display and it would stay in a gear or would stay in neutral. Turning off the engine and leaving it for several seconds would clear the problem. I made it to my local Citroen dealer (Evans Halshaw in Bradford) just before it closed and I bought a litre of the fluid. The fluid reservoir was nearly empty so I topped it up, started the engine and cycled it through the different positions on the selector lever and it bled the air out. A road test confirmed that everything was working but the real test will be when I go to work tomorrow. I've just been down to the local Asda and when I came out there was no sign of any leak. The fluid reservoir and the cap was covered in a thin layer of muck before I topped it up so I'm wonder if that was the cause of my problem. I used brake cleaner to get the muck off. I'll be keeping a close eye on the fluid level and if it is still leaking I'll get the pipe ordered from the dealer.
Sat Jul 14 2018, 07:33am
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Joined: Jan 13 2017
Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire
It is still leaking so I'll get a new pipe ordered from the dealer. I managed to get an operational Diagbox installation so I cleared the 2 fault codes ( P0868 and P0948) relating to the gearbox.
Mon Jul 16 2018, 10:34am
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Joined: Apr 05 2018
Location: HAVANT
With the electrical connectors where the coolant was getting in is a seal which is split. I've cleaned out the connections, put it all back together and put vaseline around the connector. Now it cycles through the gears rather than staying at A1 no matter where the lever position is. Just need to find new seals for the connections on the elec-hydrau interface harness (part number 2529X2).
Tue Jul 17 2018, 06:55pm
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Joined: Jan 13 2017
Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire
I've just finished replacing the return hose which was an eye-watering £59.63 plus the dreaded VAT from the local dealer. What an absolute pig of a job. The air intake gets in the way of removing the 6 T30 torx screws but I managed it in the end. Swapping out the hose was the easy bit. Hopefully, that has fixed the actuator fluid leak. Time will tell...
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