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Leak of EGS Actuator Fluid

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Mon Mar 24 2014, 03:48pm
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Location: Rothwell, Northamptonshire
There is a much easier way to top up the reservoir for the EGS Actuator. I did it today. If you take off the air intake pipe from behind the passenger side headlight and look straight down underneath the battery you can see the actuator and then below that is the reservoir and the max and min levels.

Mine was almost empty and has caused me issues for the past couple of months with not engaging gears, getting stuck in gears, and putting itself back into neutral. It all started with not engaging reverse, especially when I was on an incline.

To fill the reservoir back up to the max level I used a 60ml syringe and some tubing to reach down into the tank, and I used about 500ml to reach max. When I first filled it I then started the car to let it pump some through the system, I did have to top it up a little more once I had turned the car off.

Immediately I had full use of Reverse, Auto, and Manual. I took the car out round the industrial estate where I was working and everything worked fine, I found my 2nd gear wasn't engaging as quick as it used to but I think this could be resolved using a diagnostics tool.

As for the leak check the picture at the top of this thread. The black return hose is what I believe is causing my leak. This picture shows the plastic casing taken off which is just held on with four torque screws and comes away quite easy. Once you take this off you can get a better look at the return hose, and this is where I found a fair bit of actuator fluid. The right hand corner of the actuator has a very sharp edge and I think this has over time cut into my return hose causing the leak. I am replacing the hose tomorrow morning and I am crossing my fingers that this cures my issue completely.

I will try and add some picture, but please forgive me for quality as they were taken on my phone.

I hope this helps somebody


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 Dave_Retired. (25 Mar 2014 : 02:51)
Mon Mar 24 2014, 04:32pm
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Thanks, that's a huge help. Going to look Wednesday when I'm off work.ordered oil today so hoping to get this fixed this week, can't keep using the wife's mg!
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 toasteez (04 Jan 2019 : 04:39)
Tue Mar 25 2014, 01:35pm
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Location: Rothwell, Northamptonshire
No problem, I have done as much as I, myself can physically do to mine now. I have driven over 25 miles in her today since putting her back together. I still have a hesitant 2nd gear and my local Citroen garage has said this should be cured with a "software update". They think that the actuator for second gear is either moving to much or to little and therefor has to adjust again before it engages, I don't know. I have tried a couple of hard resets but this seemed to do a whole lot of nothing, but I wasn't expecting it to work.

I have found the easiest way in the world to check your actuator fluid level, all you have to do is open your bonnet and drop a light in there (sunlight works if your outside), once you have done this you can look through the vents by your fog light and you can see straight back to the reservoir, this way you also get a more accurate reading as you are not looking down at an angle.

Back on topic, I had to cut the existing hose off to replace it and the new hose is quite difficult to push back on to the top pipe (as mentioned by a member in a previous post), I put a little of the actuator fluid around the area to try and lubricate it. I deduced that the best way to tackle this was to insert the hose at the top first as you don't need as much room to get the bottom of the hose on. A clockwise and counter clockwise motion whilst pushing the hose on seemed to work the best for fitting the top part, the bottom end just slotted on with very little effort.

I think that's all I've got for now, will let you know how I get on when I can get my car in at my local Citroen. I hope this helps somebody

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Wed Mar 26 2014, 06:48am
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Location: Nottingham
Brilliant, that was such a help, got the old pipe off, had worn through on the corner of the pump housing, just ordered another one from the local Citroen dealer.

Not a particularly good design though, the corner should really be rounded off.
Wed Mar 26 2014, 10:01am
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Exactly what I thought myself. I did consider trying to file the edge down a little. As you can see above I added some extra protection to my hose, it was that or I was going to put that foam over the edge. What your hands when fitting the new hose, I was getting into a fight with my new hose and I slipped and cut my finger
Thu Jun 12 2014, 04:11am
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Great posts on here, so helpful. I think I have the same issue, I'm going to take a look at the hose this weekend. If the hose is the issue, is the part only available through Citroen dealers, or has anyone found it being sold elsewhere?
Wed Jul 09 2014, 06:21am
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Great post and so helpful, however, my problem was, the garage i took it to somehow snapped the resevoir nipple for the black hose to fit onto, so i have no idea what to do.
Any suggestions?
Wed Jul 09 2014, 08:38am

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sultan75 wrote ...

Great post and so helpful, however, my problem was, the garage i took it to somehow snapped the resevoir nipple for the black hose to fit onto, so i have no idea what to do.
Any suggestions?

The garage that caused the damage needs to replace the damaged part.
Thu May 07 2015, 10:45am
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Littleclover's husband here!

After a couple of hours messing about I finally got to the damn thing! When
I finally managed to get my hands around the filler cap, there was a rubber tag on it. I gave it a bit of a tug and it made a load of air escape along with a bit of oil. I pulled off the rubber tab and it said "remove after installation"! The usual "wear and tear" pipe looked fine and there was plenty of oil in. However there was quite a bit of transparent oil sat around the 4 torque screws right at the bottom?

Just got to wait for some jump leads now as the battery is dead. I am pinning my hopes on that it has been a simple airlock this whole time.... well my wife is, i hope she scraps it and buys a FORD!!!!
Thu May 07 2015, 11:42am

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Don't bank on the Ford being any better. We used to have both a 1.6HDi Focus and a C4. It was the Ford that was in the garage all the time racking up bills for clutches, not starting and electrical faults. And the C4 was more comfortable and used less fuel.

So we got shut of the Focus and bought new C4. Which has been as good as the old one.
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 littleclover (07 May 2015 : 14:45)
Thu May 07 2015, 03:00pm
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Location: durham
Got the car started. no joy!

Still won't go into gear. Seen the part we need on ebay. With the price of it wouldn't it be just cheaper to buy another engine and take the part off? Sell the rest of the engine?
Fri May 15 2015, 05:53am
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Joined: May 15 2015
Location: Buckinghamshire

Just thought i'd thank everyone on this thread as its helped me enormously to fix a problem with my faulty gearbox on a C4 VTR+ Grand picasso EGS.

We initially noticed some oil patches but couldn't find anything obvious, then soon the car just gave up selecting gears - we know the story ! So to cut a long story short I found this thread and just bought the pipe and oil hoping that may sort it.

Ive fitted the pipe this morning, actually only took about an hour total time and the car is completely fine. Really pleased as had seen some mention of very high garage bills. This came in at about £80 in total, so thats great.

Just as a side note when I took off the covering plate (with four Torx screws) the whole top of the EGS selector was covered in oil. I don't think the pipe had split at the rubbing point, I think just the pipe seal at the top has given up.

I cut off the old one as others did, and had completely no trouble putting the hoses back on, but I did notice the new part had some sort of grease at either end presumably to help slide them back on.

The oil was easy to fill with a handy size fruit shoot container and using a phone and pictures , easy to see how full it was (empty to begin with)

Anyway ill post a few pictures in case they help anyone. Thanks again.

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Tue Jan 26 2016, 06:37pm
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Location: Coventry UK
Hi had what seems to be standard problem, clutch judder then dropping out of gear on 07 C4 GP 1.6 16V HDi EGS 6 speed gearbox 95,000 miles. Had clutch, dual mass flywheel and gearbox rebuilt back in October, cost £1200 and they also replaced known worn pipe after it leaked when they road tested after rebuild.

Everything was fine never had it running and gear changing so smoothly, then 3 weeks ago all of a sudden no warning went to reverse off drive and flashed R but dropped back to N managed to eventually select D1 and get back on drive.

Had gearbox and clutch rebuilder pick it up for investigation they said they had gearbox and clutch apart but couldn't see any issue and said it was probably ECU which they don't repair. Had it brought back home and investigated getting whirring noise from EGS actuator when ignition on and and try to select gears sounds like it's trying to actuate but can't.

Can't afford another expensive bill so stripped down actuator and pipe and fluid are OK. Lot of grease in main connectors on top of EGS ECU so cleaned out but no fix. Now trying to get actuator off so can diagnose further but having difficulty removing bottom hydraulic pipe into actuator any idea what AF the banjo Union connector is as a 10mm still seems a bit loose or is there a special tool as it is in a recess?

I would think it would need an angled split brake pipe spanner? Also have people seen problems with actuator valves I read they should be 10 ohms across the windings but wondered if they do break down electrically or mechanically? Also any experience of the actual Black actuator paddles breaking or disengaging? I have trawled through all the posts I can find any help would be much appreciated.

I have posted 2 videos on YouTube one showing hydraulic banjo Union and one showing overall picture of EGS Actuator inside engine. Search for Citroen C4 Grand Picasso EGS actuator. Thanks.
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 wesso (10 Nov 2017 : 23:04)
Wed Mar 09 2016, 09:37am
Member No: #43905
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Location: Wales
Great thread 👍

I'm having to use my mobile phone to read all this so forgive me if I've missed something. What fluid goes into the filler bottle for the actuator? I'm getting the gearbox oil changed on our 2007 C4GP exclusive 1.6 oil burner as it only takes 2ltrs of oil! But while it's on the ramps I will get other things checked out at the same time
Thu Mar 31 2016, 05:09pm
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Location: Havant, Hampshire, UK.
Hi chrisw6152,

You mention that the gearbox actuator system is self bleeding - how did this work, how long did it take? My gearbox is currently refusing to find any gears after replacing the actuator (with used assembly that I know is working). I figured it was air in the line but it's not fixing itself as though it's self bleeding?

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