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I have a C4 & I'm still happy with it!

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Thu Aug 16 2012, 02:50pm
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Joined: Feb 05 2012
Location: Bexhill on Sea
Just felt like starting this as there seem to be so many people unhappy with their cars on the site at the moment. I bought my C4 VTS at the beginning of this year, seven years old, as a stop gap while I made up my mind what to get, because I like the look of them & wanted something a bit different from all the hoards of Focus Golf Corrola etc. I still really like it, love the shape, love driving it, really love the mad dash board & Dan Dare interior.

I usually buy cars about 2 years old, then keep them for up to 10 years, but even though, this one is quite old, it doesn't seem it & I will probably keep it well past it's use by date! I have found my local Citroen dealer Wilmouth's of Hastings to be really good, did me a cheap service & cam belt & have given me up to 20% off parts!

I should also add that the FCS 2012 was the first time I've ever been to an event like that & loved seeing a load of C4s together!
Thu Aug 16 2012, 02:59pm
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Joined: May 08 2010
Location: Deepest Wiltshire
That's good to hear, FakeConcern!

Likewise, my C4 was bought two and a bit years and almost 55,000 miles ago as a stopgap. It's my third and will possibly be followed by my fourth C4.

I think that they're great cars and totally underrated.
Thu Aug 16 2012, 03:17pm

Member No: #69
Joined: Jan 10 2007
Location: Derby, England
I agree with you FakeConcern, ive had mine from new and it'll be seven years old in December(17th)and still love it!
Thu Aug 16 2012, 03:36pm

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
My second (third if you count the GP) C4, had this one nearly 4 years and the last one I had for 3 years.

Although my old red VTR+ was pretty much standard bar spoiler, colour coding and a small simple stereo install. Smaller than the one I have now anyway.

The VTS I doubt I will get rid of it any time soon, it's just going to end up getting faster and being turned into more of a track car as time goes on. I mean the suspension and brakes alone are worth as much as I would get for the car now probably.
Thu Aug 16 2012, 04:20pm
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Joined: Apr 13 2011
Location: Chelmsford
I love mine! I'll only get rid of it in the short term if it starts costing more in petrol when I move further away from work in a few months. I'm hoping it'll be alright, if I get rid i'll get another one.
Thu Aug 16 2012, 04:35pm

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
The C4 is a terrific car.

I had my first for 4+ years, and now on the second which is the new shape. My son and both my wife's sons all have Golfs, and look down on the C4 but it's the C4 which goes to the VW garage to pick them up when it's gone in again!
Thu Aug 16 2012, 05:16pm
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Joined: May 31 2009
Location: Runcorn (Unfortunately not in the blummin' rich area) of Cheshire!
BigJohnD wrote ...

The C4 is a terrific car.

I had my first for 4+ years, and now on the second which is the new shape. My son and both my wife's sons all have Golfs, and look down on the C4 but it's the C4 which goes to the VW garage to pick them up when it's gone in again!

I just love it when people look down on your choice of car, but constantly runs rings around them!!!!


This is my second C4 (even though it's a GP!) have thought about others,nothing ticks the boxes better though!!
Thu Aug 16 2012, 09:29pm

Member No: #19249
Joined: Apr 13 2011
Location: Sydney
Agree with everyone else who's posted so far. Love my VTS. I bought mine brand new with the intention of keeping it for 5 years before trading it in on something else. That was over 7 years ago!!
Fri Aug 17 2012, 01:43am
Member No: #18905
Joined: Mar 23 2011
Location: Widnes, Cheshire
Might as well add my view then. My C4 is a great car. Had it since May 2011, its the first Citroen I have owned and probably won't be the last if this one is anything to go on. When the car is clean (not often enough) I still think its a very good looking car. Nice shape, looks good all round. My C4 is a bog standard SX, but its quick enough when you want it to be. Returns good MPG, reliable, room inside for the 4 of us who use the car. The worse thing the car has done so far is blow a fuse on our way back from France last week. Long may it continue.
Fri Aug 17 2012, 07:28am
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Joined: Jul 31 2011
Location: Ruislip, Middlesex
While we are at it, I'll have owned my C4 for exactly a year on Sunday. In that time I've done 20.000 miles in it, taking the car from 29,000 miles to just over 49,000.

The car had enormous boots to fill, given it was replacing my beloved and ultra-reliable Rover 75. The cars are not a like-for-like comparison. The Rover was bigger, more powerful, far better made and used far better trim materials, but nonetheless the C4 has proved extremely comfortable and is far easier to drive than the 75. Running costs have been excellent so far, with MPG above 50 and with a routine brake discs & pads replacement being the only non-service cost I've endured so far.

EGS gearbox is a great idea, but is still a work in progress. Assuming PSA sticks with the technology it'll continue to improve, but in the Mk1 C4, despite recalibration I find it a bit too primitive, despite a very gentle foot.

The only other negative is that too much interior trim rattles - the way trim attaches to the interior of the car is extremely poor, as illustrated by how easy it is to remove most of it and how frequently I have to go round it with a screwdriver to tighten things up.

Things didn't start well, but to be frank, the problems the car had were very minor in the grand scheme of things (broken washer pump pipe, Air Doser leak, EGS calibration issue, broken heater mixer arm etc), and were exacerbated by several shockingly poor main dealerships that I had the misfortune to entrust my car to, and their incompetent mechanics.

But - to date the car has been reliable and dependable (has started first time, every time) - let's hope it stays that way.
Thu Nov 07 2013, 03:37pm
Member No: #24127
Joined: Feb 05 2012
Location: Bexhill on Sea
Update on this thread for the same reasons I started it! With a different car, also VTS 180 2005. I bought it just over a year ago & have managed to do over 33000 miles in it. I still love the car for it's looks, in & out, comfort & fun to drive and generally being different from everything else.

Even though my car is now nearly 8 years old with 130000 miles on the clock, it does not seam old to look at or drive & there is still not much I fancy in the way of new cars.

Bin the L plates C30 is lovely& in many ways a bit like the C4 Coupe, but only has 4 seats. Maybe a Scirroco, but again I think only 4 seats.

Better keep the VTS!!
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 Citroening (08 Nov 2013 : 14:57)
Fri Aug 21 2015, 12:23pm
Member No: #24127
Joined: Feb 05 2012
Location: Bexhill on Sea
I have been prompted by this - Click Here - to update this thread.

Now another 2 years on and still love my C4. I now have a lovely black XM 3ltr, something I wanted for ages, but hardly use it & I'm thinking of selling as I like the C4 better in every way!

Please comment if you are also still happy with your c4!

Fri Aug 21 2015, 01:49pm
Member No: #11964
Joined: Jan 05 2010
Location: Glasgow
I need a 4 door, but I really love the shape of the 3 door. My C4 is the best car I've ever owned. Had it for 5 and a half years making mine 8 years old. It's probably cost me in the region of between £1500 and £2000 in repairs and upkeep (including servicing). Thats only about £270-£360 a year.

Last year it cost me about £600 to get the cooling system fixed. A burst hose (spider like hose at rear of engine) and faulty switch. Then I paid £200 for both front wheel bearings. £130 for new key. About £120 to sort front suspension (cant remember what). £60 to replace front spring. Then 10 lots of oil and filters. 2 fuel filters. 3 Air filters.

Thats what most of that money went on. So, so far a cheap car to run what with the £30 tax and 50mpg.

Fri Aug 21 2015, 03:06pm

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Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
170k, that's impressive - as is a 3.0 XM!
Fri May 28 2021, 02:29am
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Joined: Jul 25 2016
Location: Manchester
Hi, i haven't posted much for a long while.
But the thread title basically sums up my experience.

Some might remember me from about 5 years a go. I bought a decent condition 2006 C4 Coupe 1.6 HDi VTR+ in black.
It was supposed to be a cheap car to start a second no claims discount. The plan was to run or even scrap it after a year and go buy my new car.

I fixed a few niggles myself when i bought it. And had all the major service items done straight away. Every single thing/switch worked.
The previous owners had just fitted new tyres/brakes/springs. So nothing needed doing.

Well the first year went so well, that i kept it second year. Friends and family have borrowed the car when needed.

The thing has never broken down, and the only glitch was recently when the reversing sensors threw up a fault warning. That only needed the wiring harness/box in the boot being given a quick wiggle!

When i bought the car, i felt the clutch pedal/biting point was a little high. I assumed the clutch might be worn, but it didn't slip and it was only a throw away car at the end of the day.

Five years later, the car is still here!
I actually bought a new car, but i've kept this.
Costs so far have been a new battery. It was stood for a few months over the winter two years ago, and the battery went flat. It didn't charge very well from my battery charger. So rather than risk breaking down or not starting, i changed the battery.

A few months ago, i noticed the clutch starting to slip a bit in 5th gear. I'd had the engine remapped from the start, so how the hell it has lasted this long is anybody's guess!

I was left with a dilemma. The car had cost me nothing in 5 years and had been totally reliable. If i binned it now, it was the bargain of the century.
To fit a new clutch would probably cost more than the car was now worth.

Yep, it got it's new clutch!
Totally worth it. I was charged £350 all in. The flywheel wasn't replaced as it was deemed ok.

So for the last few months i have been wringing it's neck absolutely loving it. The remap is making it a fast fun car.
If it goes pop, so be it. But my son is starting driving lesson soon and i have said he can have it.

In the mean time i'm going to get the wheels refurbished in graphite grey. It makes no financial sense to do this. But the car is in great condition and it's only a few bubbles on the wheels letting it down.

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