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"Traffic" Button

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Sun Aug 12 2012, 11:07am
Member No: #26511
Joined: Jul 10 2012
Location: East Yorkshire
I have a 2011 DS4 with EMyway, when I press the Traffic button I get the message
"Validity Date Expired". What does this mean? I can't get any traffic info options.

Also I understand from reading posts on here that it dosn't come with speed camera warnings, is that why I don't have the"Set parameters for risk areas"option in Guidance options?

I also can't select "POI on route" when I enter a destination.

Sorry about all the questions, I did search but couldn't find the answers.
Thanks in advance.
Sun Aug 12 2012, 11:13am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Isn't 'Traffic' a paid for service?

If so and the subscription has expired then..............
Sun Aug 12 2012, 11:26am
Member No: #26511
Joined: Jul 10 2012
Location: East Yorkshire
Cheers Dave
The message makes it sound like it is but I can't find any info in the owners manual.
Would that be linked to my POI issue?
Tue Aug 14 2012, 05:30pm

Member No: #82
Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
As Dave says.

You need to go to your dealer to check why the system isn't active. There is an unresolved subscription issue.

Broad outline details here: - Click Here -
Tue Aug 14 2012, 06:01pm
Member No: #26511
Joined: Jul 10 2012
Location: East Yorkshire
Thanks Dave
Interesting info, I will go to my dealer and ask.

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