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Recall on my nouvelle C4

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Wed Aug 01 2012, 11:14am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
Hartwell's in Chester phoned me to tell there was a recall on two counts for my 60 plate C4.

The first is to replace a label by the door hinge which is incorrect, and the second is to check the bonnet release, which could be faulty.

The label is a minor quality issue, but the bonnet sounds a more serious safety issue. The guy on the phone said they were replacing about one bonnet in ten, so I should be prepared for a new bonnet! The bonnet and its release seem fine to me, and I've not noticed anything out of order with it.

I was surprised that the on-line Citroën recall system hadn't contacted me for at least the bonnet issue, and when I checked, there were no recalls against my VIN. Which has got me confused…

So the car's going in on Monday morning for the initial check and new sticky label - and a decision as to whether a new bonnet is needed!
Wed Aug 01 2012, 12:30pm
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Probably not an official recall yet, likely PSA evaluating the extent of the fault via the dealer network before issuing a formal recall notice and registering it with VOSA.
Wed Aug 01 2012, 12:42pm

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Possibly not a 'Safety' recall John but a 'quality' related one so doesn't involve VOSA or the on line recall system
Tue Aug 07 2012, 06:27am

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Location: Hoylake
The bonnet release was declared safe, but the label had not arrived. It's specific to the vehicle as the VIN number is printed on it. They're going to post it to me when it arrives.

This is the label - it's behind the passenger door, not by the hinge of the driver's as I'd first thought.

They did a quick once over on the car, and gave me a written report. That was fair enough, as in its entire life it's only been back to the dealer's once for its first 12,500 mile service - there's been no need for anything else, no warranty issues.

The report said that all four tyres had exactly 5mm of tread left, measured at the outside edge, centre and inside edge. It looked liked someone had just entered 5 in every square!

As for the front disc pads, they were 20% worn and the rears 10%, which seemed very little after some 22,000 miles. But then they couldn't possibly have taken all four wheels off, checked the pads and replaced the wheels in the time the car was in the workshop. There was no report on the state of the discs, which these days wear simultaneously with the pads.

Anyway, there was no sales pitch for extra work.

They also have an offer of 10% off all Michelins - Click Here - (and Continentals, Bridgestones and Pirellis) at the moment, but I didn't enquire further.

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