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1.6 Petrol Coupe cool

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Fri Nov 02 2007, 04:39am
I have had the car for 3 days now and it is one good buy.

The looks and design are just excellent. The wicked red colour is so deep and adds nicely to the shape. Citroen were cheeky to call a three door hatch a coupe but they can get away with it because it looks that good. I am parked next to a bright red new Astra 3 door hatch which I always thought was a real looker...Not any more! The boot and rear seats are fine. The coupe shape doesn't take away space although head room could be an issue for tall people. I have sat in the back for testing purposes and it is no worse than other cars of its size. The boot is acceptable for everyday use too.

The looks are certainly matched by the handling. It goes round corners very well and with control. The ride is also comfy and certainly no problems so far. I have total confidence in the corners and my only problem is going TOO fast!

The clutch and gearchange are light and easy. I have driven an auto for 3 years and I havent even missed a gear. The steering is light and very positive but maybe too light and doesn't give much feedback. The brakes are still bedding in but don't seem to have the chomp of the test drive's C4. I just hope in a few miles they do. But still ok.

The 1.6 petrol engine is more than acceptable and is giving enough even when still new. Smooth and quiet enough.

I have to say that anyone who test drives a C4 has to be impressed. Throw in the coupes looks and it has to be an easy sale.

The dashboard is fine and I have got used to all the bells and whistles pretty quickly. The radio and Air Con are, however, too low and it is impossible to use them without taking eyes of the road. The steering wheel is no issue and doesn't even become a distraction on the road.

The radio is good and the dash gives a talking point when showing friends and family around the car. It looks different and that is worth something in my book.

The let downs are there though. The glove box is small to useless and the little storage spaces are even worse. The lack of storage space is annoying and mobile phones and other gadgets end up on the passenger seat. Even the shelf under the passenger seat is too small and just fits my adapters.

The overall build quality is not perfect and it doesn't feel exactly solid. Some of the fittings such as the sun visors and glove box lid have a very thin feel to them. the plastics do give a slight impression of fragility more than I would have liked.

However, the car has worked as advertisied and I am happy with the way it looks and drives. I am looking forward to getting to know the car more and enjoy it with every drive, Considering how little I paid for it, it is excellent value for money.
Sat Nov 03 2007, 12:44pm
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Joined: Oct 09 2007
Location: Scotland
mobile phones and other gadgets end up on the passenger seat
My mobile sits in the cubby in front of the gearstick with no problem. GPS (Garmin) sits in the cubby in the middle of the dash, it does obscure some of the radio display but is not an issue. Not sure how many other gadgets you have but an MP3 player should fit in 1 of the other cubbies.
Sat Nov 03 2007, 04:57pm

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My phone goes in the door handle. Fine in there.
Sun Nov 04 2007, 09:57am

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wozza wrote ...

My phone goes in the door handle. Fine in there.


The sat nav is stuck on to the driver's door quarter-light.
Sun Nov 04 2007, 10:26am
There are plenty of storage areas but I have two mobile phones, one gps reciever and three adapters to stash and it isn't straightforward. Throw in CDs and it gets better!

The storage area thingy is no great shakes and I can live with it.

Still impressed with the car and it still looks stunning.
Sat Mar 22 2008, 03:03am
Here is how i fit my two mobiles..


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