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Brand new C4 has arrived :)

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Sat Nov 28 2015, 08:33am

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Outside temperature sensor is in the wing mirror, you can see a small 'bump' underneath and that's the sensor location.
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 arsenije (28 Nov 2015 : 13:11)
Tue Nov 28 2017, 07:18am
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Its been long....anyway besides somebody fully scratched my car (all doors and boot---some psycho did same on 12-15 cars on parking next to my home) everything is kinda fine. Didnt solved that "knocking-tapping-ticking" -there's a audio recording posted somewhere) noise when decelerating.But i only have one question...car develops some kind of judder when in 5th gear. If i just slightly release throttle and press it again, all is fine. Doesnt happens all the time...usually when i do longer trips. No noises from gear box when is press and depress clutch so doesnt look like clutch issue but dunno really. Btw, car pulls nice...cant feel clutch slipping in any other gear so im puzzled. Anybody experienced something similar?
Tue Jul 03 2018, 05:33am
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Didn't want to open new thread so have one question. I did ask before about rough first start, engine start normally but seems like misfiring and struggling for a while. That only happens when night is cold and the day (time when i usually start my car) is warmer (up tp 15-20 C). Never had that issue when is really cold or when difference in temperatures between night and day is not that big. I do suspect faulty glow plug relay (?!)
And what crossed my mind....is that relay in any way connected with outside temp sensor in mirror because in similar conditions outside temperature readings are weird (incorrect).
Also got error code U1218 CAN ....some parameters sent to BSI ar incorrect - intemittent (i translated this because diagnostics is on my language)
Tue Jul 03 2018, 04:23pm

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We had exactly the same issue with our DS4 1.6HDi, I narrowed it down to a cold start when OAT was 18C and it started on what seemed like two cylinders, throttle would make it worse then after 5 or so seconds it would up - my dealer couldn’t find a fault but did a generic ECU upgrade which seemed to fix it.
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