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P1198 and ESP

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Fri Jun 01 2012, 12:15pm
Hi there,

I'm new to the site, I have looked through quite a few posts on this site and I know that this has been asked in part before, so please don't get frustrated at me for reposting, the problem that I am experiencing is my ESP light comes on intermittently, when you start the car it is not there, however 300 yards down the road it will appear, with the message saying faulty ESP, the car is being driven normally and not revved and slug around corners, the light usually comes on when travelling straight.

Nothing comes up when a diagnostic kit is plugged in, and ideas on this?, however the kit does pick P1198 which from what i believe is Pump rotor control Underfuelling - SID801 - Diesel high pressure monitoring. Flow regulator at stop, now I know that the two are not related but the P1198 seems a common problem for a lot of people, do I need to be worried about the car going in to limp mode, this hasn't happened to me yet,

I only purchased the car yesterday and haven't had it on a long run yet. I wouldn't mind changing some filters my self however I cant seem to find anywhere a workshop manual for my car (2004 c4 2.0 hdi vtr plus 5dr), am I right in assuming that it is the same engine as the peugeot 2.0 hdi, if so would the workshop manual correspond with mine engine wise?

any help would be greatly appreciated
Fri Jun 01 2012, 02:08pm

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Yes it's the same engine as used in the Pug and there is no paper workshop manual for the C4 in English.

Have a read of: - Click Here -

Who did you buy the car from, a dealer or privately?
Sat Jun 02 2012, 05:31am
are there any electronic manuals that you are aware of? i have tried emanualonline.com but they say they dont have one for my car. i bought the car from a dealer.

Sat Jun 02 2012, 06:48am

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You can go on line with service.citroen and pay a lot of money, or join as a Premier Member and access the Technical document library here: - Click Here -
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  (03 Jun 2012 : 04:42)
Sat Jun 02 2012, 07:35am
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I assume it has come with some warranty. I would take it back to the dealer and let them look at it.
Sun Jun 03 2012, 04:42am
yea the car has come with a 3 month basic warranty, and it is booked in with them, however we are moving house soon (150 miles away) and if anything goes wrong then it could prove very expensive to get the vehicle back the garage. from your knowledge have a lot of people had esp problems and have they prove to be serious, yesterday i tried to get the light to come on by accelerating aggressively from stop and cornering harder but it wouldn't come on, as soon as i slowed down and drove in a straight line, bingo it came on! does the premium members technical library defiantly include 2004 c4 2.0 hdi vtr plus?
Sun Jun 03 2012, 06:22am
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Most common reason for ESP /ABS errors is the brake switch, which is cheap to fix and well documented on this forum.
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  (04 Jun 2012 : 03:22)
Mon Jun 04 2012, 02:46am

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Hamilton wrote ...

Most common reason for ESP /ABS errors is the brake switch, which is cheap to fix and well documented on this forum.

its the first port of call for any work...
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  (04 Jun 2012 : 03:22)
Mon Jun 04 2012, 03:11pm
did you get it fixed and if so what was the fault ???

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