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Number plate lights - too bright?

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Thu May 31 2012, 05:27pm
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Joined: May 07 2007
Location: Derby, UK
I've just replaced my side light LEDs with some recommended in another thread, so I put my old ones into the number plate lights.

Stood around the back of the car and realised it was quite light on the floor, wondered where it was coming from then realised it was from the LEDs. Are they too bright? I don't quite know the rules regarding this? They light up the number plate fine, it's just the road bit really I was wondering about?

Cheers, Lee
Fri Jun 01 2012, 12:09am
If there is no white light visible looking at the back of the car you`ll have no problems

Fri Jun 01 2012, 07:08am
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I wouldn't worry Lee, mine are exactly the same as that as my type are like 7-8 SMD's mounted onto the one "bulb" if you get me, so it's quite bright and like yours loads go on the road. It's just because of the the holder isn't angled into the plate.

Mine have even went a bit blue due to overheating and you can imagine semi-blue lights shining onto an icelandic C4... it just looks solid blue. I've never been stopped, even then my dad's in the traffic and I run everything past him first.
Sat Jun 02 2012, 06:51pm
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I saw a newish Vauxhall I think it was a few weeks back where the number plate lights (and only those) came on when the boot/tailgate was opened. I remember thinking, blimey they light up the road quite a bit and then realised it was intentional so that you don't step in puddles when accessing the boot.
Sorry, can't remember the model though, even if I remembered the make correctly.
Wed Jun 06 2012, 01:04pm
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Most new BMW's have the bright numberplate lights anyways, if it makes them more visible and doesnt distort the letters and numbers of the plate, all you are doing is helping the police identify the plate.

will be getting some myself soon, look much better.
Wed Jun 06 2012, 01:25pm
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Location: Derby, UK
That's ok then. I went to get some things out the boot in the dark last night and they were actually useful, so winner I guess!
Sat Jan 10 2015, 12:01pm
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What bulb were these
Sat Jan 10 2015, 01:16pm

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andy2514 wrote ...

What bulb were these

Responding to a 3 year old post... don't expect an instant answer, plus bulb technology has moved on a lot since then.....
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 andy2514 (10 Jan 2015 : 15:23)
Wed May 01 2019, 08:52am
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Hi can you use the light bulb from the boot light to replace a duff one in the number plate light?

got one out and just thought until i get to shop?

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