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Time to Say Goodbye

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Sun Apr 22 2012, 02:42pm
Dear all,

After two and a half years of relatively trouble free motoring, the arrival of my fourth child means I have had to say goodbye to my C4GP. Over the 50000km I covered I have been pleasently surprised about my first Citroen, and if a modern big MPV was available I would have stuck with the brand (the C8 is really not a patch on the modern MPV's unfortunately ).

Whats Been Good:

Reliability (the only thing that failed was a window motor)

Economy - I normally managed around 7L/100km (better in the UK due to the lower limits) and over 900km on a tank, although one memorable trip back from the UK in the snow it managed 5L/100km.

Comfort - Once I got used to it, the French ride grows on you and it was surprisingly comfortable even over long distances

Equipment - My Tendance Edition 90 (VTR+ with parking sensors, climate control and autolights/wipers) had everything I wanted, and more besides.

Speed limter - Essential in todays speed camera infested roads.

Fold flat seats - A revelation after my old Touran where you needed to lift the darn things out. One reason the C8 was not considered.

This Forum - This is the best owners forum I have come across thanks to the knowledgeable members, downloads etc. Thanks Dave for keeping it running.

What I did not like:

The gearbox - from day one it drove me nuts needing a slow gearchange otherwise it fought back.

Engine Power - For Germany, the 1.6 HDi is underpowered, with glacial acceleration (seemingly) which meant you needed to be careful overtaking on the autobahn.

Bulb life - got through two sets of headlights, although by the end I could change them real quickly.

In summary, I would recommend this car to anybody needing an economical mid-sized MPV. Never thought I would say that about a French Car

Whats it been replaced by? A Ford Galaxy 2.2 TDCi Titanium Auto with all the toys. Missing the economy of the Old Girl already (it only does 9L/100km if I'm careful), but its nice to have more space for all the paraphanalia that you need for a new baby!

Thanks for all your help over the last couple of years, I doubt I'll find another forum as helpful as this one


Mon Apr 23 2012, 01:03am

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Thanks for the feedback Joe, I'm sure it will be useful for others.

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