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Will The 17" Peugeot 307 'Challenger' Wheels Fit On My C4

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Sun Apr 01 2012, 07:25pm
Hello, I have brought a set of 17" Peugeot Challenger alloy wheels, And I was just wondering if these wheels will fit directly to the C4 or will I need a spacer kit?
P.S these alloys are very similar to the ones you get on the Peugeot 206 180 model (called Vortex/Atlantis) the only difference between the two is that the 307 ones come with centre caps and 6.5j and the 206 ones are 7.0j and doesn't come with centre caps.
Cheers guys.
Mon Apr 02 2012, 01:24am
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Philip, Yes the wheels from the 307 should be a direct fit. My mother in law has a 307 and her wheels are the same fitment as my C4.

They will probably require flat seated bolts to be fitted though, like the standard citroen alloy wheel bolts. You wont be able to use tapered alloy bolts that you use on aftermarket alloys or steel wheel bolts.
Mon Apr 02 2012, 05:41am
That's great cheers mate, I have the standard Citroën bolts so that shouldn't be a problem, for some strange reason though, these wheels are definitely 101% 307 wheels BUT it says that the offset is 31, I've done a search on google and on every Peugeot forum it's come up as the offset being 31, which is why I was confused because the 307 has the exact same offset as the c4 (15-25) so how would 31 fit as standard (without the need of spacers)

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