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Repair plastic 100% success

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Tue Mar 13 2012, 02:52am
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Location: Victoria, Australia
Hello my friends I have just come across a product that's amazing when it comes to repairing broken plastic parts. No longer will you have to buy a new glove box door or any other part that costs an arm and a leg or just plenty of Euro's.

No, all you have to do is purchase a product called plastex which is distributed by a company called G.T. motorsports, - Click Here - .
I have used this to repair various broken parts on my Burgman scooter with outstanding results. it puts current plastic welding that is not always successful into the stone age.

The cost of the kit is repaid just with the first repair you do.
If the panel/item is missing a piece? no problems with the molding plastic supplied you make a copy and attach it to the panel/item.

Hope to hear of all the parts being recovered instead of being binned at great expense.
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