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2006 C4 - 1.4 Petrol Cylinder Head Gasket

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Sat Mar 03 2012, 04:59am
I checked the coolant level two days ago and noticed that it was above the MAX level. So I took the cap off, noticed some lovely gunge on it, stuck my finger in and presto - covered in oily manky water.

The car is a 2006 1.4 petrol having only 44000 on the clock! Is this unusual for such a relatively low mileage car?

Luckily when we bought it, we took out a 1 year RAC warranty at a cost of £300 (which seems a bargain now) and so the work should be covered.
Sat Mar 03 2012, 05:04am

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C4 1.4 Petrol. - These are prone to cylinder head failure

I have noticed the water level dropping slowly on my car and today when I went out the expansion bottle was empty. I checked the oil filler and the expansion bottle and there were no signs of any mayo etc.

Looking at the block from the front it seemed to be rather wet on the left corner from around half way down with what looked like coolant (looks like the head join).

It has also been missfiring from a cold start which I believe is symptomatic of a slight leak of the head gasket into a cylinder.

Phil wrote ...

Common problem on the 1.4 petrol I'm afraid. Everything you describe points towards head gasket.

107,000 miles is a good mileage to have covered - they tended to fail at random and without reason - we've done one as low as 16,000 on that engine previously.

They can also leak oil from the cylinder head area

Note:- this is an external oil leak - not an internal oil/ coolant leak.... so not detrimental on the running of the car as such. if it's only minor and the car is "older" - I'd accept it as is. If you're planning on keeping it for years to come and it's your pride and joy then get it done.

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