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Very low quality on Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP)

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Fri Feb 10 2012, 03:03pm
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Joined: Oct 14 2011
Location: Belfast, UK
I know that others have posted regarding this before, but so far most threads have ended without a satisfactory conclusion.

I have a 2011 DS4 DStyle with all the usual Bluetooth stuff you get on that model. In short, the quality of the Stereo Bluetooth connection for music is more or less unusable. All the high frequencies are distorted, you might be able to suffer using it for an audiobook or podcast, but for music it's simply no good.

I was using my iPhone 4 (iOS 5) for playback, I have an original iPad and tried connecting it via Bluetooth and, while it pairs up OK, it won't connect.

What are other peoples experiences of this, perhaps C4 Phase 2 owners could comment, as I'm sure the tech behind the scenes is the same.

As a point of interest, I was in a rented Peugeot 308 a few weeks ago and noticed it had virtually the same system — same controls, display and very similar operating software etc. Rather annoyingly, the quality of the Bluetooth Stereo streaming was perfect, in fact it was louder and better quality than the AUX input cable. I suspect that was due to the fact Bluetooth is digital.
Fri Feb 10 2012, 03:15pm

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Joined: Nov 05 2008
Location: Bracknell
As you've noted, the quality of bluetooth can potentially be greater than that of a physical connection. And again, the 308 is basically a C4 in a different casing so one would expect all the radio features to be identical.

I wonder if there's a software update available and it's old software causing these problems? Sorry, it's not an answer just a suggestion as I've no experience at all with this new fangled A2DP stereo whatsits

Fri Feb 10 2012, 03:19pm

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
How loud have you got the phone?

Found when I had a citroen rental a few weeks ago with bluetooth it was awful quality as well. Turned the iphone down a touch and it was perfect. If you have the volume near max turn it down and give it a try.

I mean the volume of the iPhone itself not the headunits volume.
Fri Feb 10 2012, 04:33pm
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Joined: Oct 14 2011
Location: Belfast, UK
I've checked with the dealer for a software update, but they say there hasn't been anything newer since my car was delivered. I keep meaning to go in and see if other cars are the same.

I did try the volume at various levels, but it makes no difference. Obviously you have to turn up the volume on the head unit having reduced the output from the phone, but at that stage you can just hear the distortion again.

It'd be more accurate to describe the distortion as the same sort of effect you'd get from a very low quality MP3.

Such a pity, the 308 was loud and crystal clear.
Fri Feb 10 2012, 05:01pm

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
Might be a faulty headunit. Could be worth asking to try another car if they have one.
Fri Feb 10 2012, 10:02pm

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Joined: Apr 13 2011
Location: Sydney
Wozza wrote ...

Might be a faulty headunit. Could be worth asking to try another car if they have one.

Additionally, try switching off wifi and testing again. It shouldn't matter, but the reality is that Bluetooth and wifi both operate on the 2.4GHz band so although highly unlikely, the potential for signal interference does exist.
Tue Oct 23 2012, 07:31am
I have complained about the bluetooth audio as well. I found that Citroen knows there is an issue with the module, and are recommending software updates as a first solution to dealers. For me, however, They are now replacing the entire head unit. Hopefully this helps
Tue Oct 23 2012, 07:53am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
BenzonDK wrote ...

They are now replacing the entire head unit. Hopefully this helps
That's good news.

I plug my iPod into the USB socket, which is first class.

I don't know much about iPhones, but can you do the same, and then just use the bluetooth as a headset (by disabling the bluetooth media link in the Menu)?
Wed Oct 24 2012, 04:26am
yes you can. The blutooth connects to the telephone both as a media player and a handsfree once its paired. This is indicated by the number "2" in the display. If the phone is also connected via USB, there is a chance that no sound is heard, and you have to disconnect the bluetooth media player first.
I use a USB stick with music on instead. Much more easy and hazzle free, since theres no pluggin in and out.
Wed Oct 24 2012, 04:37am

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
If it's an iPhone, you can select to output music via the dock or bluetooth when you go into the iPod app.

So no need to disable bluetooth, just make sure it is selected to output to the correct source on the iPhone you want it to.
Wed Oct 24 2012, 05:17am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
Connecting the iPhone via the USB port will also charge it, which is handy.
Mon Nov 05 2012, 04:35pm
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Joined: Jan 23 2011
Location: Devon
Hi All,

Just got my new C4, it's a 2012 with only 800 miles on the clock as it was a showroom demo, and the only thing I'm not impressed with is Bluetooth audio just as ukpm has described.

I'd fitted an IO-Play in the old C4 which worked great so this feels like a backwards step.

My iPhone works great with the USB port but I tend to use the iPad and then there's the wife's and kids devices with Bluetooth so really hope there's a software update.

Fri Dec 14 2012, 06:29pm
Member No: #27906
Joined: Oct 23 2012
Location: Calne, Wiltshire
My 2011 Airdream Exclusive is terrible on the Bluetooth connection to the iPhone 4. The music is as described above and the 'phone sounds fine inside the car but everyone I call asks if there is a Police car behind me as all they can hear is a siren type wail.

I have had the car into the dealer who has updated all the software and replaced the microphone but to no avail

Mon Dec 17 2012, 06:58am
So I finally got my head unit replaced. My old unit was one of the earliest generations with no possibility to upgrade the firmware so they replaced it with a new one.
However, the problem remains with the scratchy music quality, so I have to conclude that the Bluetooth module in the new C4 is [%*^#@!], and there is no current software/hardware solution to the problem.
Mon Sep 16 2013, 05:25pm
Member No: #29894
Joined: Mar 24 2013
Location: Israel
I also have this problem. my car is an early 2012 model (C4 1.6 THP Exclusive).

can anyone confirm/disprove that a firmware update solves this issue?

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