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Extra features in RT6 eMyWay?

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Sun Jul 27 2014, 12:00pm
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Location: Spain
I have the correct display for RT6, if you are interested to buy it you can send me an email


Thu Jul 31 2014, 09:41am
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Location: Germany

I have one more question.
For my Display what was wrong for my RT6.
Can I use this Display with an RT4 or RT5. I think the RT4 or RT5 unit fit well in my 407.
Thank you again for helping
Sun May 03 2015, 01:52pm
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f411 wrote ...

M3M, thank you for the information!

I have also heard from a Citroën Brazil engineer that the RT6 is possibly gonna equip the Brazilian version of the DS3 until the end of this year! If so, probably the same will happen in Europe!

Anyways, I've been messing around using the DIAGBOX software and as I had expected, I've been able to unlock some pretty cool functions!

Now I have all the steering wheel commands working properly, even the scroll wheels (one of the best new features is that now I can skip back musics with the upper right scroll wheel);

I also managed to activate the fuel consumption pages (Trip 1, 2 and Instant Information) and they all work properly and can be reseted with the button on the whiper blades regulator;

I've been able to properly enconde my vehicle's VIN this time, so when I turn the navi on, no more Magneti Marelli screen but a beautiful Citroën logo;

Functions and alerts list are also back, and the most interesting is that there is a VIDEO feature! I haven't had time to plug the RCA wires yet, but it seems it will work fine.

There were a few more features that but I didn't have time to mess with them, like rear parking camera, and tyre preassure information...if I can get the parts I'll test them.

Complete photo album here: - Click Here -


Hi, I have just bought a 2011 DS4 and compared with the one I test-drove mine has very little screens, basically just the music, radio, bluetooth and sat nav... I’m wondering if you could instruct me on how to activate the additional features such as tyre pressure, consumption figures (mine are currently near the speedo) and also auto down mirrors when reversing?

Many thanks, Matt.
Mon May 04 2015, 01:32am

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Location: Northumberland
@Matt if your car does not have As Tyre Pressure sensors you can't simply 'enable' them without fitting the actual sensors to each wheel and the reciever unit. Also 'Auto Down Mirrors When Reversing' can only be done if the car has those mirrors fitted.
Mon Jun 08 2015, 08:19am
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@ F411.

Did you activated the fuel consumption through out your diagbox?
Wed Dec 09 2015, 11:19am
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I'm happy owner of Peugeot 3008 form 2013 with RNEG2/RT6 on the board. At last week I was change my original unit without support of rear camera and video to unit 96 777 777 XT with rear camera and video support. New unit is working very well with rear camera but I have issue with video because screen is much more dark like during display view from camera. At parameters of video it is contrast, brightness settings but those options are grey and I can't change it. At unit is is firmware 2.80 that mean I can't telecoding it by diagbox. I using only MIRA script to any change.

I want to please you to help my how to change contrast and brightness of video option or how to unlock video parameters?
Sun Feb 14 2016, 12:53pm
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Location: Poland
F411 are you on the forum? Or some one else who knew how to activate Video Brightness.

In my radio I have rear camera and video but video is mush more dark like camera and parameters of contrast and brightness are dark (without edit possibility).
Sat Sep 09 2017, 06:30pm
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Location: Recife
Hello friends!
I am also from Brazil and I have a C4 Lounge THP Exclusive with RT6 and rear camera.
I would like to know how it was feta this activation of video mode in RT6 and if it is possible to do in mine as well.
I checked through the mirascript that there is the option to activate an auxiliary video input, however I have never found a tutorial on the internet to help me with this.
I was very excited to see the photos of the result of the f411's work, if he or someone can help me, I will be very grateful.
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