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C4 Handbrake sticking on at caliper - any advice?

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Sat Jan 21 2012, 12:16pm
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Joined: Nov 12 2008
Location: UK
Hi I have a hot rear disc as my caliper seems to be sticking on.

I tried to rewind the caliper to maybe free it up from any corrosion and stop it binding.

I bought the tool, and tried to rewind with no luck!

The caliper would not budge although I even locked molegrips to the caliper and another on the tool bar to give more leverage.It just would not move damn it!

I removed the brake reservoir lid as well.

Am I forgetting something?

Someone on here said that ABS may be stopping fluid being pumped backwards - is this right?

If someone has any ideas to move the piston I would be grateful.

I am beginning to suspect that the handbrake mechanism inside the caliper is not releasing when the handbrake is released as I noticed the wheel binding after I had lowered the handbrake.

Can someone tell me more about the caliper works when the handbrake cable is pulled and maybe how I can free up the binding?
Sat Jan 21 2012, 12:34pm
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Joined: Nov 30 2009
Location: aberdeen
Replace the caliper (£75 exchange).

See one of my posts for what is involved.

Sat Jan 21 2012, 01:06pm
If it's the driver's side ( GB ) you have to use a L/H tool, otherwise it won't move

Tue Jan 24 2012, 06:34am
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Joined: Nov 30 2009
Location: aberdeen
The internal seals will be shot/compromised by the excessive heat: get the caliper exchanged. Even if you free it up temporarily, the prolem will probably come back.

Tue Aug 06 2019, 04:58am
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Joined: Aug 03 2019
Location: Plymouth
My N/S/R is binding, replaced the caliper with brand new Bosch unit and the rear brake still binds. I took it to a mechanic to have it checked just in case I had done something wrong, he said I had done everything ok and that it could be an ABS problem.

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