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USB Port does not switch off.

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Wed Dec 14 2011, 01:01pm
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Joined: Aug 03 2011
Location: Lancashire.
I have noticed that when playing music from a USB stick the USB stick light is still lit even when the the USB device is stopped from the eMyWay screen "music" menu options & the car ignition etc is off ... i.e. keys removed from the ignition switch. Is it safe to leave the USB stick in place i.e. still plugged into the USB port and is this still drawing current as the light would imply ? Why is this port apparently permanently live ? Are C4 USB ports the same ? T.I.A.
Sat Dec 17 2011, 06:15am
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Location: Croatia
If you "stop" your USB device, it will still be powered, but ready for removal. When the light stops flickering, you can pull it out of the USB port.

Also, if it's just a USB stick (not an MP3 player), when the light doesn't flicker, it means it isn't being read and it draws virtually no power (just the power necessary to keep the LED lit, which is neglectable).

I don't know about your eMyWay, but my Citroen USB box experience is this: after I turn off my car (and radio), the USB stick is lit for a few minutes after which the light goes off. I assume that indicates a sleep mode.
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