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Help! Snow Grille problems

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Sun Dec 04 2011, 07:06am

I've got an 05 Petrol 1.6 hatchback and I went to my Citroen Dealer for the snow grille - they sold me a 7429.G4 which looking at the FAQ's appears to be the right grille

Trouble is I can't work out how to fit it to my car - have they sold me the wrong one?

Advice gratefully received on either fitting it or pointing me in the direction of the correct code
Sun Dec 04 2011, 07:44am

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Part numbers listed in the FAQ are correct.

It just clips onto the grill at the left side looking from the front. Make sue that it's the right way up.
Sun Dec 04 2011, 08:30am

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I'm presuming the photo in FAQ #186 is the correct way up for installation and that it should clip on at the base part of the grill but really need a thick idiots guide to fitting as there doesn't seem to be any place on the grille on the Citroen for the unit to snap into.
Sun Dec 04 2011, 10:57am
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Yes, the photo - - Click Here - - is the correct way up.

The lugs on the cover correspond with the verticals on your car's grille. It does need a shove to go on, though.
Sun Dec 04 2011, 12:25pm
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Also, as I found when I first fitted mine to my pre-facelift C4, there was a bit of excess plastic (an overhang from the moulding) on the back of the actual bumper grill, right in the way of where one of the winter grill clips was meant to hook on. Easy enough to pull the excess plastic off, but made clipping it in fun until I worked out what the problem was.
Sun Dec 04 2011, 02:26pm
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Took me a while to fit mine I to thought that I had the wrong one. When you look at it and line it up as the picture it goes on ok.

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