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DPF removal/remapping (Depollution fault/EGR valve cleaning/change)

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Tue Dec 06 2011, 01:51pm
Hey Bigstan,
Sorry I've not een around much lately, but I have had my EGR replaced on my 05 C4. Also a 110 HDi.

My error was P0406, diagnosed by the RAC. Citroen wanted £500 + for the work. But I managed to source an aftermarket EGR from this seller on Ebay fo £84, which I see they are offering again.

- Click Here -

Got my local man that can to fit it, no activation required in Lexia, cost me £100 in labour (2.5 hours).

Get it done, it made all the difference for me. PM me if you have any questions, will be happy to help.

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 bigstan (06 Dec 2011 : 14:02)
Tue Dec 06 2011, 02:05pm
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Cheers ror100,

Sounds very similar to my experience. I'm going to give it a week and see if the light comes back on and go from there.

However, when you say it made all the difference, was that just regards the fault lights, OR other things too?

Because I am positive at the minute but my mpg this week seems quite poor (but that could just be coincidence)
Tue Dec 06 2011, 02:16pm
No problem mate.

MPG is poor for me this week too - but it has been nearly freezing every morning - I think I'm lucky to be getting 50mpg at the moment (usually 55ish).

For me the new EGR smoothed out throttle response and accelleration. No change in mpg at all, but ultimate driveability has improved. Also the engine is much more willing to rev over 3k revs (not often i need to do it). Prior to the change, the engine would go into limp mode if i were to give her some guts (say over 2.5k revs).

I understand that you are a student (was a mature one myself so totally with you on that), but for the money i am thrilled. If you feel up to it, give it a go - no activation was needed for mine so it's just the mechanical bits to do...
Tue Dec 06 2011, 02:50pm
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Ror100, we have had -3 mornings this week and getting to about 2 degrees during the day: in this sort of weather glad to have the EGR valve working (not blanked off) as it help in the warm-up from cold.

The 1.6HDi cyclinder head is quite neat because it has the EGR cooler integrated into the aluminium head. if you look at the front exhaust manifold it has 6 connections, one from each cylinder, one to the turbo and one back through the cyclinder head to cool the gas/heat the coolant on a frosty morning.

Presumably the Ebay part you fitted was a Valeo aftermarket one. Could you post the Valeo part number in case anyone else needs that reference. Also did you re-use the original outlet pipe clip or did you use the service part with a screw to tighten the clamp.

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 Damasta98 (11 Feb 2013 : 13:15)
Tue Dec 06 2011, 03:00pm
You are correct G, was indeed the valeo part. Part number given in the listing was as follows:

Part Number 9672880080

Fits all Citroens + Peugeots with the 1.6 hdi engine

OE Part Numbers


1618 NR

The same seller is offering more on Ebay at the moment

My mechanic used the new service part to replace the outlet pipe into position - I purchased this directly from my local dealer to save him the hassle (I needed the car back within the morning). It was basically a glorified jubilee clip in all honesty.
Sun Dec 18 2011, 04:57am
Can anyone please help.
My car has the `WARNING`light is on and the display say`s `speed control fault` when i turn onto the cruise control.
PLEASE HELP , as any reply will be welcome i also have the d.p.f sigh showing up .... any idea`s ????
Sun Dec 18 2011, 05:15am
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Location: South Midlands
smiley wrote ...

Can anyone please help.
My car has the `WARNING`light is on and the display say`s `speed control fault` when i turn onto the cruise control.
PLEASE HELP , as any reply will be welcome i also have the d.p.f sigh showing up .... any idea`s ????

Is it a petrol or diesel?

Does it only happen when trying to use cruise control?

If so it could be the brake pedal switch. Details: - Click Here -
Mon Dec 19 2011, 08:15am
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Location: london
hey guys

My 06 C4 90bhp EGR failed at 80k, bought a second hand one from ebay (with warranty) for 50£ (when buying make sure you get part nr right), and paid local garage 60£ to fit. No programming in was required and has been fine since this summer.

Hope this info helps someone.

BTW Citroens garage quoted 550+ vat
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 PentlandC4 (19 Dec 2011 : 13:57)
Sun Jan 06 2013, 04:10am
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trev h wrote ...

As stuey says above a good blast down the motorway generally clears most problems.

There was an article in the papers a couple of weeks ago where a customer (estate agent) bought a new jag xf, after a short period of time he had the dreaded DPF light come on took it to jag who cleared the fault, this occured again & again a total of 13 times each time cleared by jag. After the last attempt the dealer contacted jag technical who told the dealers they wouldn't cover anymore DPF faults on the car as "it is the customers fault for not driving it properly" he only used it to trundle round town & not driven as it should be.

I wonder if this could be picked up by other manufacturers & use it as an excuse.

On a seperate note i live near a large cemetery & have noticed new stretched limo jags used as funeral cars, dont know if they are petrol or diesel, if they are diesel wonder what they would be told regarding not being driven properly.

VW Australia has refused warranty on DPF in a few cases. As has a couple of others I belive. Our lower quality fuel doesn't help either.
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