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New C4 Bluetooth

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Sun Nov 27 2011, 08:25am
Member No: #19948
Joined: May 25 2011
Location: Cyprus
I have the new Exclusive C4. When i speak on my phone using bluetooth, the other people that I am speaking with, they told me that there is a lot of background noise. Does anyone else have the same issue ? Maybe a new software update will exist in the future that will filter that noise?

Also, does anynone know what the number 2 means ? (Located on the display screen next to the bluetooth icon) An image is here: - Click Here -
Sun Nov 27 2011, 08:39am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
I would assume, that the '2' indicates it's connected to the 2nd device in your list of devices to connect to.
Mon Nov 28 2011, 04:30am
Member No: #19948
Joined: May 25 2011
Location: Cyprus
I have found what number 2 indicates. It means "The bluetooth device is connected as 1. Phone and 2. Media Player". In the car's bluetooth menu if you disconnect media player or phone then the number becomes 1 instead of 2.
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 BigJohnD (28 Nov 2011 : 11:09)
Mon Nov 28 2011, 03:19pm

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Location: Hoylake
Hmmm.... not sure about that.

I checked with my phone/blue tooth link today which also showed "2", just like your picture. I have a perfectly good phone link, with the car acting as a headset and remote dialling link.

Although I have no music on the phone (I use the USB port for my iPod), I suggest "2" means Phone and Media Player link.
Sat Dec 03 2011, 03:16am
Member No: #19948
Joined: May 25 2011
Location: Cyprus
Thanks BigJohnD. Basically that's what i meant but it was not so clear. But my basically question remains. Do you also have this problem with the background noise when speaking on the phone ?
Sat Dec 03 2011, 04:45am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
No, calls using bluetooth are crackle free.

However, the radio doesn't read the address book of my HTC.
Sat Dec 03 2011, 05:37am
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Joined: Oct 16 2010
Location: Wrexham
I have similar problem, the phone transmission via bluetooth is a little noisey but not bad, messages can still be understood bothways. If there is new software and an update available, it would be usefull, however, I am not sure this would be passed on to the earlier cars unless you have friendly dealer next time it gets serviced.

This is one of the problems of buying early models, we are the unpaid Citroen C4 test drivers, later models will be better once our problems, niggles have been sorted, ie the EGS software up date 2 months after launch.

Hopefully Citroen will look after us at least for a couple of years.
Mon Dec 05 2011, 01:28am
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Joined: Oct 30 2011
Location: Newcastle
i notice the "1" and "2". I have my Nokia connected and notice recently the displayed number keeps changing and also it indicates my battery charge i slow or empty when my Nokia has a full charge! Sometimes it loses connection which i am not sure why.

Does one have to pay for a software upgrade?

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