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Snow/ice cover for C4 (new)

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trev h   
Tue Nov 22 2011, 03:58am
Member No: #10864
Joined: Sep 11 2009
Location: kent/se london
Reminds me, i must get round to clearing mine out, dont know where it all comes from.

Wed Nov 23 2011, 10:04am
I've got a 5 year old house and the C4 fits with ease, but I might have a problem if the remote won't open the car, as I am a bit close to the wall on the nearside, where the only door lock is. The end of the garage has my Halfords tall red tool cabinet (wood working tools, alas), two shelf units, one fireplace, jet washer (rarely used now I am without 4x4). My neighbour one side has three cars and a garage full of camping gear/trailer, freezer, beer and wine rack, cat baskets and fishing gear. My other neighbour has converted his into a playroom. Both have had one car broken into out the front.
Wed Nov 23 2011, 10:07am
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Joined: Jul 31 2011
Location: Ruislip, Middlesex
I've got the next best thing - no garage as such, but my parking space is directly underneath our flat (we are on the 1st floor and the flat overhangs with a covered parking space underneath.

Means I miss the majority of the weather and frozen windows of a morning. Big parking space as well. Next door neighbour's big 3dr Honda Civic doors don't even come close to touching my car.
Fri Nov 25 2011, 06:07am
Member No: #22656
Joined: Oct 30 2011
Location: Newcastle
I got an old shower curtain could try that as a snow cover, except a bit of wind and it will be off!
My old windscreen cover hardly covers the C4 (guess because its a bigger & better car)

I picked from Lidl today some of the ultimate speed windscreen solution 5litres for £5.99. Says it can last down to -60C and -20C when mixed!
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 gmerry (25 Nov 2011 : 07:34)
Fri Nov 25 2011, 07:35am
Member No: #11625
Joined: Nov 30 2009
Location: aberdeen
That Lidl stuffmust be pure Scotch whisky, nothing else would work done to such low temperature.

Fri Nov 25 2011, 09:49am
Talking of garages, my mate had a pit in his, very useful. One day his neighbour asked if he could use it, and was given the keys. A couple of hours later my mate returned home to see his neighbour standing outside the garage with a worried look on his face. Looking into the garage he saw the back end of a Reliant Robin sticking up in the air - nuff said!
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