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New C4 with USB & Bluetooth - USB stick question

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Fri Nov 11 2011, 05:44am

My new C4 has a USB socket and I stuck an 8GB USB stick in there with 1600 mp3's on, but when you press menu, multimedia, play order, and choose 'Random - All', it shows the file number currently playing - e.g. "117 / 999". It always has the "999" at the end - which implies the unit can only cope with 999 MP3's on a USB stick.

Has anyone else noticed this ?
Fri Nov 11 2011, 06:44am

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Personally, I would never put that many files in a folder on any device. 999 seems plenty to me, otherwise you're scrolling and searching for ever.
Fri Nov 11 2011, 12:29pm
They're not all in one folder ! I've got them 'foldered off' by Album. 999 tracks isn't enough ! Would Apple sell any iPods if they could only hold 1000 tracks ?
Fri Nov 11 2011, 02:20pm

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I can't say I've experienced any problems with my 8GB iPod on my nouvelle C4 which is full and probably got over 1,600 tracks and podcasts on it. But it is possible that the readout is only 3 digits, making the highest number which can be displayed 999.

There was a similar issue with the iPod/ USB box which had a 99 limit, probably related to CD technology. It wasn't a problem in practice as 99 tracks equates to something like 6 hours playing time.
Wed Dec 14 2011, 04:03pm
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the only problem i have experienced when playing USB stick tracks on random mode that each time it keeps selecting the same 10-15 tracks (out of 600 on USB). Not sure why it does this? anyone else noticed this?

CUK have told me to get it check out with a local dealer.
Wed Dec 14 2011, 05:54pm

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There are some limits, and you can find them in the User Guide to the RD5.
Sat Feb 23 2013, 04:28pm
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Hi all,
To overcome a USB stick obstructing the small coin tray in the center console of the new C4 I have just bought a 8gb "Cruzer fit" drive, fantastic, you can almost now close the cover, looks much, much neater and you can not use the tray.

My previous way round this was to have a USB lead plugged in and my Ipod in the small tray down on the right-hand side of the steering wheel but the lead still got in the way of the tray.

I had to format the "Cruzer fit" before adding music as it was one of these with added security.
This is a "Cruzer fit" stick - Click Here -

I have selected random on my car options, been a week now and not had the same song twice, the 8GB Cruzer is full.

Also unlike the Ipod, when you turn off and start again, it does not go back to the beginning of the track, it actually starts playing again from the same point it stopped at, much, much better.

Note if you format it make sure it is FAT32 and NOT NFS, also you music needs to be stored with album tiles and not just disk 1, disk 2 and so on otherwise your display will be not show full album titles.

2nd Update
I thought I was lucky, but I now suffer the same as the others, seems to repeat the same tunes, ish, I think that the software does not generate numbers ramdomly, it has a set sequence it follows from startup and that is why when ever you switch on the radio the tunes play in the same order, the counter starts from 0

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