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Erratic C4 Cruise Control/Speedo

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Thu Nov 10 2011, 06:19am
I had an MOT done the other day, checked a few things over.
Since I got it back the cruise control is a bit erratic, it moves quickly up or down a couple of digits and it feel like the car is speeding up and slowing down rapidly too?!

any ideas?
Thu Nov 10 2011, 06:42am

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Unclip the steering wheel adjuster and pull the wheel in out/up down a few times and re lock it..

That fails try some electrical cleaner on the switches

That fails it's possibly the Brake Pedal Switch that's starting to go and needs changing.

Then it gets expensive as the last in line is the actual control module that's failing.
Thu Nov 10 2011, 07:11am
i had also noticed that the seatbelt sensors had gone also gone a bit erratic, sensing people sat in the passenger seat when no-one is there.

Could this all be a computer based problem?!
Thu Nov 10 2011, 08:26am

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Could be, try disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes to force a reset.

Speedo will probably go back to KPH though, but it's easy to change back
Fri Aug 09 2013, 07:22am
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Hello there!

I found this thread, so it makes no sense in starting a new one because I´m struggling with the same problem.

All started with ESP/ABS light showing up and Lexia gave a fault in the right ABS sensor. At the same time I noticed the same thing with the speedometer, it changed a lot between a few digits and the cruise control was acting strangely.

I bought a new sensor, installed it and the speed problem went away, but the lights still came on.
Then I drove the car to my local Citroen dealer and they checked it out and told that the sensor was installed inproperly (My bad).
They installed it correctly and the ESP/ABS light doesn´t show up anymore, but the speed problem arrived again.

Lexia gives the following faults:

Vehicle speed information incorrect value received ( U1213)
No engine speed information (U1108)
It shows that the vehicle speed is 655 kph.

I also get the thing with seatbelt sensor starting to make noise after someone has stepped out of the car.

I would be very happy if somebody would have any ideas where to look after the problem
Fri Aug 09 2013, 07:52am

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Looks like the main ABS ECU is faulty:

[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/plugins/forum/attachment/1/1376052562_1_FT147209_u1213.png|Error U1213::||]http://c4owners.org/plugins/forum/attachment/1/1376052562_1_FT147209_u1213_.png[/shadowbox]
[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/plugins/forum/attachment/1/1376052562_1_FT147209_u1108.png|Error U1108::||]http://c4owners.org/plugins/forum/attachment/1/1376052562_1_FT147209_u1108_.png[/shadowbox]

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