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Sun Sep 30 2007, 11:04am
On Thursday I picked up a nearly new C4 EGS Coupe (4000 mls on the clock) from Citroen Manchester, having driven down from Newcastle to PX my Focus. I found the insights of other owners really useful in selecting the car and so am going to add to the knowledge pool.

The purchasing experience was simplicity in itself, I called the Manchester garage and agreed a PX value for my Focus (A 1.8 TDCi manual) which I was happy with, this left a 'cost to change of £8000',
overall a significant saving over the 'all new' cost of the same model.

I was wondering if there would be any problems when I turned up but the whole process was slick and painless, I was out in about 30 minutes. If the rest of their operation is as well run then I'd commend them (CM) to anyone.

As to the car, it handles better than my old Focus, is stiffer, though that could be a reflection of the age of the Ford, but it is a delight to drive. I used the manual EGS for the journey home, which was part motorway and then over the Hartside pass. I found the EGS to be remarkably smooth, the advice given elsewhere to 'feather' the throttle when changing up is spot on, with the sport mode switched on it makes the changes imperceptable and very fast. By comparison the 'regular' automatic' mode is just that, quite slushy - I doubt I'll ever use it.

Our other car is a C Max with the Durashift CVT transmission, and I owned an auto in the States in comparison with the CMax and the other, the EGS wins hands down. I'm still getting used to the engine, I doubt there's any difference in performance over my manual Ford, which felt quite nippy. There may be a flat spot in the power output between 3 and 4th if you change up too soon, it's difficult to judge that change as I'm still getting used to the engine noise and it's quite quiet. The paddles don't take much getting used to, although at first the lack of any feedback was mildly disconcerting (the changes only require the slightest touch - drive by wire I guess)

In time I'll provide feedback on fuel comsumption and the like, but thus far am mightily impressed



Tue Oct 02 2007, 03:36pm
Hi all, like Steve I am also the new owner of an almost brand new C4 hatch, 1.6HDI VTR+ with EGS box. Ex demonstrator collected from The Brookedge Centre in Northwich on Friday last week. Likewise a painless experience, more so in my case as it came as a company car replacing the C5 which I had been running for the past few months.

The car was actually the same vehicle as I took on the test drive so it had an almost familiar feel to it. Came with a few extras like leather heated seats, heating bit could be useful as I live up in the hills in Derbyshire and we have already had -2 deg.C and the first frost in mid Sept but if they weren’t leather would they need to be heated?? Large glass roof lets in lots of light and no doubt lots of heat when the sun shines oh and Bluetooth for the mobile, now that is very impressive and of good sound quality a vast improvement over the Bluetooth built into the portable sat nav.

Apparently everyone thought I was talking from inside the gents. Will keep the site posted with how I get on with the new beast and the extras but so far I must say I’m very impressed, still getting to grips with the EGS box but it seems to have an inbuilt stupidity override and doesn’t let you do anything completely off the wall.

Have been confined to the home office for the last few days so have only a brief play but the fuel economy seems much improved over the C5 which I always thought a bit underpowered and thirsty.

Will also keep an update on the local Northwich dealer with regard to service etc, as we have a C2 in the family as well Brookedge will be servicing them both.

Only hic up to date was after collecting the car at 15-00 on Friday two Muppets in Derby decided to try the resilience of the nice shiny rear bumper and drove into it at a roundabout at 12-00 on the Saturday. The fact that I’m still here and not serving time for manslaughter ( or should that be idiots-in-an-astra-iside )proves that the plastic is able to take low speed knock with no damage.
Tue Oct 02 2007, 04:57pm

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Welcome Bagpuss and SSB!

Good hear of your experiences - I get into High Peak quite often and it can be 4° or 5° colder there than here on the edge of the Irish Sea. I've watched the thermometer rise 3° just driving down the A6 from Disley to the Rising Sun in Hazel Grove, no more 3 miles. So I guess you'll be using the heated seats often!

As for the minor shunt, I was pleased to read the plastic did the biz. I was less lucky in Sainsbury's and no amount of polishing will shift the minor scratches.

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