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My Stickerbomb

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Fri Nov 11 2011, 01:18pm
Member No: #18986
Joined: Mar 28 2011
Location: Petersfield, Hants
How easily do those trim panels/bits come off?
Fri Nov 11 2011, 01:41pm

Member No: #2
Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
Middle section you need to remove the lower part of the centre console. Start with ashtray, then gear gaiter and surround. Then remove the 2 triangles next to the headunit / A/C. Remove the 2 screws T20's I think they are.

Then pry off the lower plastic section only clipped in once the screws are out. Then you can get to the middle section with the screen. Pull down and towards you holding on to where the vents are. Should come straight off.

The side ones, need to push a trim tool down them to get them to come away. They are only clipped in as well.
Sun Nov 20 2011, 08:54am
Hey All,

Done some more and got some pics of the dash up, took me a while to get the speedo dispay out but after alot of efforty cursing ive done it.

Again if you dont like it thats cool but i do, so please jog on kitty!

ADMIN EDIT: Please resize the images before posting or edit the links as per the info above the post boxes
Sun Nov 20 2011, 09:33am

Member No: #2
Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
Think the main problem with that is going to be reflections in the summer. Might end up driving you mad then.
Sun Nov 20 2011, 11:49am

Member No: #90
Joined: Jan 29 2007
Location: Bristol
Heater control panel next then?
Sun Nov 20 2011, 12:15pm
Maybe, I don't know because
1 - I'm running out of stickers
2 -I don't want it to be overkill

Might do the little ashtray thing that's on the back of the centre console just so it goes through the whole inside of the car.
Sun Nov 20 2011, 01:22pm

Member No: #1
Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
I have followed this thread but refrained from commenting other than to add a comment and resize the images.

But no more, next time it happens, the post gets deleted as per site rules.

As for what your doing to the car, really not my scene at all I'm afraid and as far as I'm concerned you reached 'overkill' a while back
Sun Nov 20 2011, 01:55pm
Can I suggest the rear view mirror???
Sun Nov 20 2011, 02:18pm

Member No: #2
Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
Glovebox handle might work too. As there is lots of black there, break it up a bit.
Sun Nov 20 2011, 02:19pm

Member No: #82
Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
Pete85 wrote ...

2 -I don't want it to be overkill

No comment.
Sun Nov 20 2011, 02:33pm
Member No: #5593
Joined: Sep 29 2008
Location: Northern Ireland, Lurgan
If you put the speedo display back to black I think it would be perfect.
Sun Nov 20 2011, 02:36pm
Member No: #211
Joined: Apr 06 2007
Location: Redditch, Worcestershire
"I don't want it to be overkill"

Pah!! - too late

Sun Nov 20 2011, 03:17pm
Member No: #21107
Joined: Jul 31 2011
Location: Ruislip, Middlesex
I wouldn't do the air con controls. Based on your last set of pics, leaving the air con controls and your aftermarket stereo facia as-is looks good.

However, I think it might look good if you also do the ashtray underneath the aircn controls. This just pulls out (in order to access the diagnostic port behind it) so getting it out in order to sticker bomb the lid will be very easy.

If you have the rear one, do that as well, but then I'd stop (only because you'll have run out of practical things to cover).

Do post pics (but resize them, or use thumbnail links so we can see them in full size elsewhere).

Either way, you've created a fantastic & unique car.

Sun Nov 20 2011, 03:41pm
sorry for the pics, ill makes sure i do it right in future but please as i said if you dont like it dont read/look at it.

If you think its overkill or ive gone too far thats your opinion and you entitled to it and i respect it.

I have done this to MY car because I like it.
Sun Nov 20 2011, 06:46pm
Member No: #5593
Joined: Sep 29 2008
Location: Northern Ireland, Lurgan
My favourite part is still the steering wheel chevrons.
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