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Citroën C4 Automatics - any good?

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Fri Oct 14 2011, 03:10pm
Hi all,

Has anyone got one of the C4 automatics?

Are the C4s Automatics any good to drive?

Any expensive costs to consider?

Sat Oct 15 2011, 01:03am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Are we talking about EGS which is not a true auto but an electro hydraulic opertated gear change or a full auto with torque converter?

EGS should theoretically give better mpg than a manual

Full auto gives worse mpg than a manual.
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  (15 Oct 2011 : 16:50)
Sat Oct 15 2011, 04:11am
Its the 2.0L HDi 5 Door Exclusive 09 plate.
So other than fuel efficiency, they don't have any major issues that are cauing people to complain on the forums?

Sat Oct 15 2011, 05:29am
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The Auto box option seems to be pretty reliable (most modern auto units are, the tech has come on leaps and bounds in the last 10 years as mid-priced autos have grown in popularity in Europe).

However, the fuel economy is significantly poorer than both a conventional manual and the EGS box, which in my personal view is the one to go for (and i did) as it gives you the best of both worlds.
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  (15 Oct 2011 : 16:50)
Sat Oct 15 2011, 12:46pm
Ah, thanks for that Commodore. May explain the higher tax disc cost.
Sat Oct 15 2011, 04:29pm
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Hi Amo,
Another benfit for the C4 Hdi EGS is that it is only £30 a year road tax.
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  (15 Oct 2011 : 16:50)
Sat Oct 15 2011, 04:41pm
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Location: Ruislip, Middlesex
Indeed, the £30 road tax is a welcome improvement on the £260 I was paying for my V6 Rover 75.
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  (15 Oct 2011 : 16:50)
Sun Oct 16 2011, 06:51am
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As a point of interest, Citroen have dropped the full auto on the 2.0l in favour of the EGS, shows their confidence in the unit. There's a significant advantage in fuel economy and CO2 emissions, hence the lower tax bracket. Mine's the 1.6l 110bhp Grand Picasso and I think it's teriffic.
Sun Oct 16 2011, 10:38am

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Location: Northumberland
It wasn't actually 'dropped' in preference to the EGS unit. The earthquake in Japan stopped supplies I'm afraid, so they couldn't build cars with it.

Whether it returns as an option in the future, nobody seems to know.
trev h   
Sun Oct 16 2011, 11:19am
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It's still listed on Peugeot's website as available on the 508/5008, do you think they flipped a coin to see who could have the limited numbers available?
Sun Oct 16 2011, 01:21pm

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Location: Northumberland
That could be the bigger box fitted to the C6 as well as a few other cars Trev
Mon Oct 17 2011, 01:31am
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Location: Victoria, Australia
There is nothing wrong with the EGS box except the drivers who think they are driving an American slush box where they don't have to think just put the foot down and go with no regard to the environment or whatever.

I feel accidents at intersections for example will be reduced with more cars having the EGS box as they will allow more time to see who is coming instead of flooring it to the floor and praying nobody is coming the other way, roundabouts will also have the same experience.
Mon Oct 17 2011, 12:39pm

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Location: Kent, UK
I have done 32K from new on my EGS box and love it. Just back from a 300 mile trip that averaged 62mpg.

But I would urge caution on a second-hand purchase. I have talked to drivers who complain about jerky changes, and digging deeper find that they have no idea of the technique required and just heavy foot it.

Not sure how much such punishment the box would stand.
Tue Oct 18 2011, 12:59am

I drive an autobox (AL4) on a 1.6 petrol unit. It is the 4 speed tiptronic model.
It is alright but for highway cruising, a 5th ratio would be better.
In Malaysia where it's hot and humid - the autobox does suffer during traffic jams where it gets 'jerky' when shifting from 1st to 2nd. I have noticed this is a problem that does not affect colder climate countries.

I have already covered about 110,000 km and the rubber seal within the autobox deteriorated causing the shifts to lock. Replacing seal involves removing the engine to get to the box. My mechanic happened to stumbled upon a 2nd hand 307 autobox and fitted that to my car now. Costs to do either were the same. Considering that autobox had less than 20,000 km on it, i opted for it.
Tue Oct 18 2011, 05:41pm
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Location: Rotherham
I drive a 2009 2.0HDI conventional automatic Exclusive hatch which I think is very good. There are one or two enhancements that improve on the old torque converter technology.

As I understand it, the two parts of the torque converter 'lock up' when cruising at a steady speed. I can get an indicated 50mpg on a steady run (I think that is a bit optimistic mind) Accelerating hard is what affects the fuel consumption mostly so I only do that if I have to. I get an average 40mpg plus on my weekly commute to work.

Taking that and the slick way it works into account. I'm very pleased with it. This is my second 2.0HDI automatic.

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  (21 Oct 2011 : 15:47)
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