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Thatcham C4 Tests

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Thu Oct 06 2011, 01:31pm

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I stumbled across the Thatcham YouTube site the other day.

Clicking through there are a couple of video clips of various test of the C4 (amongst other marques)...

C4 Traction Control Test and On/Off comparisons...

C4GP Front/ Rear Impact Repair Test (Scoring 'Poor')

C4 Whiplash Test

What is unclear is what constitutes a 'Poor' result without going into the details of each test report.

By the looks of things the impact test is by cost or more simply £'s per 1mph.All of the impact tests were undertaken at 6mph.

Wrt the Whiplash test compare the C4 video with that of the Focus and its clear to see why the Focus scores a 'Good'.

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 Dave_Retired. (07 Oct 2011 : 01:46)
Fri Oct 07 2011, 01:46am

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Thanks for adding those Rich
Fri Oct 07 2011, 02:04am

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I think what is worth reiterating on reflection of my original post, is that most if not all of the modern cars tested are scoring "Poor" with only a very few scoring "moderate".

Its worth looking at the BMW 1 Series clip, from a bump at 6mph causing in excess of £3300 worth of damage (looks like a new bonnet for starters).

You could suggest that the Poor, Moderate thresholds should be more realistic to the true cost and perhaps are set artifically low...however what is the true cost of a car park nudge?....£200, £1000, £2000?
Sun Oct 09 2011, 05:46pm
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Thatcham appears to have tested only two C4 seats - the 1st gen's standard seat and the VTR/sport seat.

I suspect the seats in the 3rd, most recent generation of the C4 are better ...but without testing its just a guess.

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