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Living with FB's 1.6HDi VTR+ Manual

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Fri Nov 11 2011, 12:37pm
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Joined: May 08 2010
Location: Deepest Wiltshire
Thanks gents. I'd be interested to give disc replacement a go, not that I've ever attempted a job like that on my car.

G, interesting that you mention the calipers, as I've had a few sticking calipers on my C4s over the years.

FB, sorry to divert your thread!
Wed Mar 28 2012, 02:54pm

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Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
No problem Pentland, that's the beauty of the internet!

Thought it was time for an update as we have just gone through 10K in our ownership (now just over 39K), and a few long journeys.

We decided to ge the pads done by Duxford at the same time as the MOT and, once again, they looked after us incredibly well - I can't rate them enough. This time Mrs FB got a DS4 courtesy car and it looks like she has found the future replacement...but not for a few years yet! The work was done at the agreed price, the car ready on time and Mrs FB tret like a member of the human race.

We've been getting 43mpg day-in-day-out so a trip to Norfolk a few weeks back was a chance to try some economy driving as Mrs FB was moaning it's not as much as she expected - nothing drastic but reading the road and sticking to an indicated 72mph on motorways and dual carriageways - Mrs FB normally travels at 75-80 and she immediately realised the difference...I was glad she wanted to know as if I'd just suggested it I'd been walking! Sure enough, the trip got 54mpg, and that tank, which included the usual short journeys and cold starts got 47.8mpg. We've just done a whistle-stop tour of the country to see family (Solihull and Teesside), and currently showing 49.5mpg on this tank...doesn't take much...

So, the tyres apparantly aren't wearing down so we'll go for Michelin's again even though they are expensive. Never get bored of the ride or smooth engine although some more power would be nice... I've replaced a few headlight bulbs which was easy with the aid of a mirror, and the tail light which, as noted in another thread, wasn't included in the Citroen bulb kit

(Touch wood) nothing has gone wrong or caused us a problem, really happy with the quality which feels good, especially compared to the other models in the Citroen range which don't seem as smart.

The car definately suits us although a bit of overkill with only one child. Also, I know people carriers are popular with older people but Mrs FB's 89 year old grandma really struggles to get in, finding the seat too high, even when it's lowered; she has no problems with my father-in-laws 12 year old Corsa...

Anyhow, still thinking we could be with this one for a few years.

Managed to shift our drive to the tip today, took a few runs but the practicality is incredible, my only criticism is the drivers seat doesn't go far enough down with the folded seat underneath it but this is a shortprice to pay for the flexibility.

Only realised the other day that cruise only works in 4th or 5th - never use the speed limiter, neither of us get on with it (Mrs FB had it on her smart and never got on with that either). Also, with strong sunlight above us I had to resort to the weakest colour on the dash display, the others were impossible to read, and the TomTom, positioned in the offside quarterlight, was impossible to read without the blind down (and I hate putting the blind down unless I have to!). Other moans are restricted to an un-illuminated ignition slot and in the car computer settings it tells me the passengers airbag is turned-off where as the switch is on, and the warning light to tell you it's off isn't illuminated (but does illumiate it if you turn the aibag off) - I'm happy it's on, just an error on the computer.

Still like the look of the car and feel it's definately the nicest people carrier out there - it was happy punting over the hills on the coast road down to Whitby with my parents also on-board, including the rather steep Lythe Bank and Saltburn Bank, both of which always used to bring me out in a sweat when my Dad owned a 652cc Visa! The car encourages a relaxing driving style which being a father isn't such a bad thing these days.
Sat Apr 14 2012, 08:35am
You may hanker after EGS, but on the 1.6Hdi its tow limit is around 800kg. Ok for an Eriba but not much else. I have EGS but no caravan. I love EGS.

I used to have to make appointments to overtake tractors until I fitted a tuning box which I have set for medium boost.

Transformed the car. Better economy.

The tuning box used is adjustable. My preferred setting is medium and the EGS changes 5th to 6th at 48-50mph depending on foot weight. In the higher settings the change is made at 44mph so something is happening.

The mpg used to say 52ish before the chip. Now it says 57ish but suspect 54ish.
On high boost expect 49ish(=47ish) but the extra is the cost of all the extra vavavoom.

Had the car 3 years. Got it 'cos grandchildren were born to parents with no car.

Replaced 180k Xsara Pic which was great. But this is so much better.
Mon Apr 16 2012, 05:52am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
harry.potter wrote ...

…I fitted a tuning box which I have set for medium boost.

Transformed the car. Better economy.

The tuning box used is adjustable. My preferred setting is medium…

Which tuning box is that?
Sun Sep 23 2012, 12:43am

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Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
Just been on holiday near Filey for a week - on Tuesday we noticed that with your foot on the clutch there was an occasional rubbing noise which, by yesterday, had turned into a regular noise whenever the clutch was depressed; it reminded me of my old 205 which displayed a similar noise for 12 months before I eventually replaced the clutch due to a worn release bearing.

Just outside of York Mrs FB dropped it into 4th and the pedal took a moment to return so she kept it in 5th all the way to Grantham by which time the clutch was making the noise in gears 1-3 even when fully engaged. I drove it the last bit home but struggled to manuvere outside chez FB - the plan was to drop it off a Duxford Citroën, but trying to get out of the road the pedal refused to come up until I abused it. Called green flag to have it taken there and the bloke diagnoses a collapsed release bearing and expressed surprise given the 46k and passed on the joy that it would probably be a case of replacing the DMF at the same time depending on wear...

I'm incandescent about it - we are going to wait until Monday for some quotes as there is a reputable garage in town plus I want to know how much Citroën will charge but am expecting a 4-figure quote from the main dealer... I've no idea whether its worth chancing it with Citroën on the basis I might get a goodwill gesture (3.5 years old, 46k full Citroën history, clutch had no sensation of wear)

Mrs FB was made redundant a week gone Friday so this isn't a good time, as if there was one. We bought this as reliable family transport but with the £200+ we spent a few weeks back on a faulty a/c sensor its proving to be anything but. Gutted.
Sun Sep 23 2012, 01:01am
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Joined: Mar 23 2011
Location: Widnes, Cheshire
There is no harm in asking Citroen as the car is still quite young. I certainly would be asking. Seems a young car for that to fail.
Sun Sep 23 2012, 01:43am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Fixed Price Clutch replacement from Citroen is £699 for a C4 Picasso/Grand Picasso: - Click Here -

DMF if required will cost extra.

The car was bought used so you have no idea if the clutch was abused by the previous owner, however given the age of the car and if the mileage is around 48K or less, then Citroen may make a contribution toward the cost of a collapsed clutch release bearing if you approach them.
Sun Sep 23 2012, 01:50am

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Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
I would hope so too, my main concern is that should we have it taken there for them to put in a request for support only to find Citroën UK say no then I am a bit stuck especially as they advertise a special deal on clutches for cars 4+ years old of something like £699. Special!?! sounds like £loads especially as our car doesn't qualify for 4+ deals until the end of January, so it will be even more, a frightening amount should the DMF also be worth doing - if they are able to give me a good quote over the phone as a back-stop cost then its worth taking the chance. A good friend of mine has a mate who is a mechanic and he has checked out the prices reckoning he would charge £750-800 for a clutch and DMF but can't fit us in for a fortnight, especially as he reckons its the best part of a day to do.

Luckily, my boss walks to work but has a 13 year old Focus as a second car and he has offered that to me for commuting so Mrs FB can use my A2.

The 205 I had came with the faulty clutch (bought it cheap) and never had a failure since then. I am fuming!

EDIT; just seen your post Dave - you're right, I've no idea whether the first owner abused the clutch but I seem to remember from the 205 that a worn bearing is generally down to resting your foot on the clutch while driving, where as a collapse is mechanical failure - its been 250 miles between there being absolutely no problem to complete failure, of which about 210 were the A64/A1 with barely any gearchanges at all - I guess I'll only have a better idea of likely outcome tomorrow after a call to Duxford Citroën. A bit of a sleepless night last night and Pablo is parked on the road in case I can't get it off the drive to get my car out.
Wed Sep 26 2012, 01:10am

Member No: #19238
Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
Well, Pablo was dumped on Duxford Citroën's forecourt Monday lunchtime - as always. I find them.an excellent dealer and feel that if there is a chance of a Citroën UK contribution them they've the ability to successfully make the claim. I will call them today to see if they've had the chance to inspect the clutch.

Now using The Beast, a 108k T-reg Focus Zetec, and rather enjoying a petrol car again!
Thu Sep 27 2012, 12:42am

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Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
&#$%*#@ hell.

Just before going to bed last night I discovered an answerphone message left by Duxford Citroën yesterday afternoon - Citroën are picking up the...whole...bill...

I am speechless, impressed is not the word!
Thu Sep 27 2012, 01:30am
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Joined: Feb 05 2012
Location: Bexhill on Sea
Wow! That is fantastic! So pleased for you. Well done Citroen.
Thu Sep 27 2012, 01:35am
Member No: #18905
Joined: Mar 23 2011
Location: Widnes, Cheshire

Fantastic outcome.
Thu Sep 27 2012, 05:00am

Member No: #19238
Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
Brilliant outcome indeed!

Just spoken to Duxford who, like me, expected a contribution of sorts (parts or a percentage of the job) - they are putting the car together and it will also be serviced this afternoon being done a little early but not worth going back in 600 miles time) so it looks like we will either pick it up today or first thing tomorrow if we can drop FB Junior into Nursery early.

As a dealer I cannot fault them at all - like Hitchin Audi, who look after my A2, they work hard for you which, in return, means we will continue to use them for as long as we own a Citroen.
Thu Sep 27 2012, 10:12am
Did you have to have a new DMF as well?
Thu Sep 27 2012, 11:25am

Member No: #19238
Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
kipper wrote ...

Did you have to have a new DMF as well?

No, the DMF is fine - I didn't realise, until they explained it to me and I found a cutaway, that the flywheel is at the opposite end of the assembly from the release bearing; the clutch plate is between them and this was completely unaffected by the damage (but being replaced anyway).

Not sure it is going to be ready today, but I am happy to wait!
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