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My C4 Hatchback, exceptional return journey, Birmingham to Cornwall

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Wed Sep 07 2011, 12:43pm
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Joined: May 24 2010
Location: Stourbridge west midlands
Our car is a 1.6HDi 16v 110hp DPFS EGS Exclusive received in May 2010, now has 3700 miles on the clock.On a full tank of diesel, it has achieved 630 miles... On the outward journey we were able to use the cruise control 70% of the way setting it on 71 mph, traffic on the A30 then spoilt this..On the return journey however, it was 10 minutes drive, then 5 minutes crawl, We were still able to return 59 mpg for the whole journey and back to town work for the last 30 miles or so.

The car is very fast, and jumps from 70mph to 100 mph without realising it ,with no extra noise etc. It has been very satisfactory, I have had quite a few larger cars but this one and my previous Citroen C4 petrol model, BEATS THE LOT..

Now for the only BIG let down The MY WAY SAT NAV IS [%*^#@!]..it does not give you FULL POST CODES, and this makes it useless when you do not know the streets etc. hope that I haven't bored you all ...Regards Les Pamplin....

Its about time that Citroen provided an update for this problem.......
Wed Sep 07 2011, 12:47pm
59mpg... a distant dream!
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 pamp (07 Sep 2011 : 15:54)
Wed Sep 07 2011, 01:23pm

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Location: Northumberland
Full UK post code search.... not going to happen via an update. They don't use that many digits in France or anywhere else and Citroen or Peuget aren't going to pay the required licence fee for the UK market alone, so buy a TomTom/Garmin etc. or use longitude and Latitude coordinates.
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 pamp (07 Sep 2011 : 15:59)
trev h   
Wed Sep 07 2011, 03:15pm
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Location: kent/se london
You can't get a bigger critic of myway than me. had many arguments with citroen over it & as dave says, an update is not going to happen.

There is a saving grace though & that's the ability to enter the Latitude & longitude of a site, although it's a bit of a pain it's far more accurate than post codes, especially on the continent where we had hired a gite in the middle of the french countryside & it took us right to the front door (literally).

The best site to use is itouchmaps.com as myway only accepts the lat & long. in degres min. secs. The drawback is you have to find the co-ordinates before you set off, either by entering the post code into itouch or finding the place on the map & clicking on the location to get the co-ordinates, can also use a smartphone if you've got the net on it, which is handy if your travelling around.
Wed Sep 07 2011, 03:18pm
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Location: Rainham
On our trip to Holland the trip computer was showing 54mpg and something like 640 range. 6th gear motorway cruise all the way. Only managed about 540miles in total in the end but still good Thats Kent to Amsterdam on one tank and FULLY loaded with camping gear and doing at least 120kph
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 pamp (07 Sep 2011 : 16:00)
Wed Sep 07 2011, 06:24pm
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Location: West London
Try using the speed limiter instead of cruise control and watch your mpg go even higher!
Thu Sep 08 2011, 04:28am

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Location: Hoylake
55-60mpg is par for the course with a 1.6HDi, and you've discovered the major weakness of Citroën's built-in SatNav.

As for entering Lat & Long, I use Google Earth. But my SatNav - IGO8 - accepts Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files which makes life very easy.

The easiest and best SatNav I've seen recently is in my daughter's Fiat Cinquecento; it's a TomTom with a dedicated cradle, so no wires and also removable. Not cheap though, at around £300.
Thu Sep 08 2011, 11:00am
BigJohnD wrote ...

The easiest and best SatNav I've seen recently is in my daughter's Fiat Cinquecento; it's a TomTom with a dedicated cradle, so no wires and also removable.Not cheap though, at around £300.

Our Laguna has built in TomTom - with removeable sd card so just as cheap and easy to upgrade maps etc as in a normal portable TomTom.
Is fitted as standard to all but the basic models of most Renaults now.
Fully integrated into the dash of the Laguna so doesn't look like an add on.
Looks a bit odd in the Clio and Megane as the screen housing looks like an add on - still very useful though with no worries about leads, flat batteries etc.

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