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Changing the oil myself?

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Wed Aug 24 2011, 07:40pm
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Joined: Jun 21 2011
Location: Sydney, Australia
Just wondering if it was worth doing the oil myself. The service indicator is saying I still have about 6000km till the next service but I've done nearly 10,000km since I bought the car and I get the occasional "check engine oil" although I was getting this before as well. The oil level looks ok when I check but I was wondering whether a top up or a change is worth doing anyway. I've heard many people saying oil change every 5000km will keep the car going for years and oil filter should be changed at 10,000k.
Wed Aug 24 2011, 08:37pm

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Location: Manchester
I would say if it was done 10k ago it is worth doing now.

I tend to do it every 5000 miles and it gets a service every 10,000 miles. Also gets done whenever I do a trackday.

Got to remember when we are speaking about changes we are all using miles rather than km. So most of us say around 6500-8000km on the intervals for oil change.
Thu Aug 25 2011, 02:45am

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IvanVTS wrote ...

I get the occasional "check engine oil" although I was getting this before as well.

For info, the warning is only based on level not condition.

I used to get this when the car was parked on a steep hill (nose down?) and thus the sensor became "dry". After 15mins and a park on the level would usually stop the warning. On all occasions the level was OK.

If it continues, I would suggest the sensor might need changing...which IIRC changing it has been posted on here before and its tucked down in the depths of the engine somewhere, as youd expect.

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