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Head light beam deflector New C4 Standard lighting

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Wed Aug 24 2011, 02:16pm
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Hi All,
After searching this forum I only found information on beam deflection for the turning headlights fitted to the new C4, not the 'normal' type. Aas I was concerned that the lens is so far from the front of the car, where would I stick them anyway, I contacted Citroen Uk yesterday with this question:

"I am about to take my C4 1.6 eHDi, Exclusive to Spain for 2 weeks can you tell me if I need to fit headlamp beam benders/divertors? Do you know where I can purchase some as I do not see any listed in your accessories catalogue. If not is there a diagram available to show where I can mask off the offending part.

My Car is fitted with the 'normal headlamps' and not the
turning type.

Here is the responses

I recieved a telephone call where the gentleman expalined that since aroud 2006 Citroen cars are fitted with a flat beam instead of the normal 'Z' beam and providing you do not dazzle the oncoming traffic beam deflectors/benders are not required.

I received this email to confirm

"Thanks for your email about driving your car abroad.

The headlights fitted to your car have a flat beam pattern rather than the up-swept beam on conventional headlights. This means there's no need to block off any part of the beam in order to drive aboard.

Legally, you just need to be certain that your headlights won't dazzle oncoming drivers - but that's also true when driving in the UK. I'm happy to confirm your car's headlights won't cause a problem.

If there's anything else I can do for you please let me know and I'll be happy to help.

In the meantime, have a safe journey and an enjoyable trip.

Kind regards

James Duckett
Contact Centre
CITROEN UK Contact Us Enquiry
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Wed Aug 24 2011, 02:51pm
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I just got back from my trip to Spain and had no problems with the headlights, I just set them a bit lower just to be sure.

I got the same response from Citroen about the headlights as well.
hope you enjoy your trip.
Thu Apr 05 2012, 05:35pm
Ahhhhhhhhh this explains why I always find the headlamps so darn poor and in need of a lot more umphhh

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