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Knocking feeling from driver's side low down - Steering Rack?

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Mon Aug 08 2011, 02:46am
I have had my C4 for 2 weeks now and since I've bought it I've had a knocking feeling from the drivers side low down. There is no metallic knocking sounds but you can feel it through the steering wheel and the footwell even when going over small bumps. The car general does not feel tight on handling especially on the front end. I have checked underneath and everything looks to be in pretty good order.

I have found that there is extra play in the inner steering rack ball joint on the drivers side though.

I had wondered whether it is a design feature of the C4 as you can't really feel it when it's not jacked up but having checked against another HDi C4 the play is definitely there.

Would this be what's causing it? I'm not sure that there is quite enough extra play to fail and MOT yet.

Can anyone make any suggestions for other bits for me to check or common bits that fail and could do this as I'm a new owner and not to familiar with the car.

Many thanks

VTR+ HDi 08
Mon Aug 08 2011, 04:44am

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You also need to check the engine and gearbox mountings, and the lower ball joints, though usually all these parts are good for 5 or more years.
Thu Aug 29 2013, 08:47am
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Hi all,

My car passed its MOT in July time but had an advisory for:

play in inner steering rack joint(s)

I have had the car up and can confirm the play is from the drivers side and I am pretty sure it is the steering rack as all other joints seem solid except this.

Any advice? I've come across - Click Here - and similar on eBay but wondering how much effort this would be to fit? And if I actually need to replace the whole rack?


Thu Aug 29 2013, 09:14am

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According to a Citroen Tech I know the racks all have a degree of play in them so if it's passed an MOT then leave it alone.
Thu Aug 29 2013, 09:58am
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C6 Dave wrote ...

According to a Citroen Tech I know the racks all have a degree of play in them so if it's passed an MOT then leave it alone.

Definitely noticed that when the car is fully raised and steering wheel held at full lock - o/s wheel has noticeable play compared to n/s. When n/s wheel raised and o/s wheel on the ground (no one holding steering wheel) n/s wheel is immoveable but when tested the other way round o/s wheel will move and cause steering wheel to move.

Hope that makes sense. Anyway as you say Dave, It passed the MOT so will just leave it be and save myself the money!
Tue Aug 12 2014, 02:03pm
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Well it's been a long time since I posted last but my car had its MOT a few weeks ago in July. The loud knocking/rumbling is still there on cornering but it passed the MOT with no advisories...

How can one year it get an advisory for play in steering rack and next year not? Surely something is wrong with the system...
Wed Aug 13 2014, 12:13am
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Sometime the backlash on the rack can feel realy slack but try it with the motor running and you should find when the power steering pump is running the play has gone

Fri Aug 15 2014, 03:20pm
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whats your plastic covers like under the engine that connects to the wheel arches? I'm sure they maybe rattling around
Wed Feb 13 2019, 02:45am
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Hello i have simillar problem to my C4 1.6 HDI i check and replace almost all i dont replace the steering rack and i wonder if someone find what is the problem ?

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