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The new C4 radio - RD5 PINOUT

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Mon Jul 04 2011, 05:43am
hi ,

just received the new C4, as a music fan I tried to find out where can I install my aftermarket unit ,so there is no space since the AC and the radio sit on the same plastic plate .

so the only solution is to use some kind of sophisticated in line. I found this one MS-8 by JBl
which takes the high voltage signal and allows you to go into an amp

the only issue is that I need to find out about the pin out of the RD5 .(I think its a standard connector I just need to which standard)

please help

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 ilir72 (11 Dec 2016 : 15:55)
Mon Jul 04 2011, 07:04am

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The RD4 pinouts are here: - Click Here -

The RD5 quadlock connector at first glance looks identical to the RD4.
The white block at the bottom will be the link to the USB/jack port which is next to the cigarette lighter.
Sat Jul 23 2011, 02:25pm

I'm planning to install a aftermarket radio as well. I planned to put it rigth under the radio display. But on your picture it seems that there is no space for my planning.

Did you check the radio connection as well. Any chance to install a steering wheel intervace adapter.

Thanks for your replay in advance.
Sat Jul 23 2011, 06:23pm

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I expect installing an after market radio isn't too different from the old RD4, however the steering wheel controls are different and I've yet to see the modified fascia panel (which is very big) for the nouvelle C4 though there may be some available in France.
Sun Jul 24 2011, 02:52pm
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Oz. do you have the mechanic manual for the new C4 or you just pulled all the pannel away hoping none will break?
Thu Apr 19 2012, 10:05am
Hallo and greetings from germany!

At the moment I try to fit my music system in my new C4.
Does anybody have an tutorial how to get the radio out?

greeting Chris

Thu Apr 19 2012, 10:50am

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This is the best I can offer, as I've not taken my radio out, assuming you have a VTR+ or similar.

Fri Apr 20 2012, 01:15am
I know this picture.
I have also access to the Citroen servicebox.

The problem is not the Radio. I can't get out the
ventilation shaft above the radio. If the ventilation shaft
is not removed, you can't remove the multifunctional display above
the radio.
Mon Apr 23 2012, 12:36am
I've now done.
First you need put the glasses fold with multi-function display out.
On the way the upper ventilation shaft will get out.
The rest is self explanatory ...
Sat May 05 2012, 10:09am
Hi there, I am trying to fit a no holes bracket for my iPhone to my DS4 and as such need to get the centre console out as I see the op has done here.

The bit I am struggling with is, I am pretty sure I need to get the air vent at the top (I have the emyway?, I think) of the multimedia using out first, but I have no idea how.

Is there any diagrams I can use as a guide, or does anyone have any experience with this that could help?

Much appreciated.
Sat May 05 2012, 12:17pm

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Brodit clips are the best. They are designed to clip over the vent surround wit no other fasteners.

Not the cheapest, but by far the best

£15.99 as well from: - Click Here -


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