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C4 Coupe 1.6 VTR - a month on...

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Thu Jun 02 2011, 06:14am
I've owned my 1.6 VTR Coupe for about a month now and already done about 800 miles and thought it was about time to let you know how its going...

Firstly, the styling. I love the look of the car, the styling is so original inside and out and I've had nothing but good comments about it from everyone i've shown it too so far! On top of this, you dont see too many coupe's on the road so its nice to be a bit different! I love the insie too, at first I was unsure how i'd get on with the speedo on the top of the dash and the 'floating steering wheel' but both are great and actually a lot easier once you get used to them. The car is a lot more spacious than I expected.

I usually only drive with me and the Mrs in the car, but occassionally take some mates in the back and all have been quite happy with leg room/head hight. Also the boot space is perfect for fitting in the golf clubs

I've also been impressed with the performance of it. One of the main reasons I bought it was for motorway driving and I must say, its comfortable sitting at 70/80 on the motorway and the engine is nice and quiet. Having taken it out into the coutry a bit more, I found the handling is superb, you can really throw it round corners and feel confident in the handling.

The only a few negatives i've experienced so far are:

1) I had to get a new key fob from the dealer and couldn't believe the cost! The quoted me £125 for the key + £50 to program! ouch...

2) A couple of days after i bought it, I noticed the boot trim (bit which goes across were the spoiler is) was loose and will need replacing. Quoted £105 from dealer.

3) The previous owner of my car has left me with some nice curb marks on my alloys. Might look into getting them replaced/referbed in a few months time.

Overall im chuffed with my choice and fingers crossed this motor will be a good'un!

Will post some pics soon!
Thu Jun 02 2011, 06:19am

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£105 for the trim section? I got quoted at £60odd for the 4 sections together from my dealer. £105 seems a bit much! Join up as a premier member will save you a small fortune if that is what they are quoting!
Thu Jun 02 2011, 06:21am

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Key fobs are expensive from a dealer and if the inside was ok you could have just replaced the cover.

Tailgate trim doesn't cost that much. It will have been off to add or replace the spoiler and there are posts on it with the part numbers

Depending on how 'hard' the curb marks are, I would think of getting the tracking checked or you may scrub the tyres and tracking is cheaper than replacing tyres!

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