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Elite remap

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Wed May 25 2011, 02:42pm
Member No: #18986
Joined: Mar 28 2011
Location: Petersfield, Hants
I have been offered a remap by ELITE REMAPS for £200 on my C4 1.6HDi.
They claim figures, from: 109 hp 240 NM, to: 137 hp 290 NM.

Sound good? Anyone used them? How do these figures compare with the Angel remap for this engine?
Wed May 25 2011, 02:55pm

Member No: #6049
Joined: Nov 05 2008
Location: Bracknell
Figures sound very similar to Angel... although I can't say I've heard of Elite before.

Angel are the forum recommended team. Those that have had it done and then dyno'd show Angel's work to be what they say. Not saying other team's won't be, but be aware some are really there just to take your money.
Wed May 25 2011, 04:40pm
Member No: #135
Joined: Feb 25 2007
Location: South Midlands
I have never heard of Elite either.

The main two remap companies I have heard of, are Angel Tuning and Flash Remapping.

You can't compare on what BHP figures they claim to remap to unless they have a rolling road which can verify their claims.

Also it's not a good idea to wring out the last BHP of the engine, as what you really want is an improved driving experience
rather than just trying to reach max power.
Sun Jun 12 2011, 05:43pm
On my 206, I had mine done by Red Dot, they took the bhp from 68 - 110bhp. They even RR tested it to show the gains!!

Always go to a recommended and reputable company, even if it costs more, a screwed up engine is a lot of money to replace!!

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