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Grand Picasso Boot Liners

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Fri May 20 2011, 12:55pm
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Location: Sandhurst, Berkshire
I have been trying to find a rear boot tray that fits the 7 seater Grand for soooooo long.

Even the Citroén one (C942499) doesn't fit - too short by about 6 or so inches and the anchorage points for the the third row seatbelts just don't exist by them! I'm sure this would fit the normal C4 Picasso perfectly but certainly not the C4 Grand Picasso!

Saw this one on eBay for about half the cost - £27 but it is exactly the same in size and shape and if you look in the picture there are no rear seatbelt anchorage points - surely the picture was not taken in a Grand Picasso?

- Click Here -

Has anybody successfully found a rear tray or mat even that fits without having to cut half of it away - our boxer dog would love to chew on the bits exposed after this
Fri May 20 2011, 01:15pm

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Wasn't your avatar in this month's Citroënian?
Fri May 20 2011, 04:55pm
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I have that same boot tray and had to do few minor mods to it. First, I cut slits in the area where belt anchor ponts are and just slide them through. Also, as the tray is light plastic and smooth underneath, it slid around the boot. So I bought some self adhesive velcro dots from Wilkinson (about a quid for a pack) and stuck number of hook sides to the bottom of the tray. Now it doesn't move
Fri Mar 09 2012, 02:26am
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Joined: Nov 27 2011
Location: IRELAND
I got one of these boot liners as I wont be using back seats too often.

Just wondering (because I wont be using back seats too often) should I cover the seats themselves as well. There isnt any risk of any issues because they are hidden away. Dont want to open them in 6 months and find stains or mould or something.
Maybe a cheap car seat cover ?
Fri Mar 09 2012, 03:13am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Not knowing how much room there will be with the seats folded for additional covers I would try with some plastic decorating dust sheet first, or black bin liners or maybe a bit heavier garden refuse sacks as all are reasonably thin and flexible plus cost a lot less than seat covers
Sat Mar 10 2012, 02:23am
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Joined: Oct 21 2010
Location: London
I would not (and did not) cover them in a first place...as the space around the seats allows them to breathe. The boot liner protects from any liquid spillage above and if you seats are already wet, wrapping them in plastic or a bin liner will just worsen the problem. So far...I have no mould.

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