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By Loeb timescale

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Sun Nov 02 2008, 05:31am
I pick a new Black Loeb up in September and i was told that there was only 3 loebs left

Fri Dec 19 2008, 03:33pm
So? ...who's is the black Loeb in Rotherham? ....and if it's yours,are you reading this whoever you are?

Terry [black VTR+ Coupe]
Sat Dec 20 2008, 03:49am
My ex-flat mate has a Black C4 Loeb :P that was in part waht made me chance to a C4 ok only a VTR but go with what you can afford

I LOVE the Black Loeb he is in Surrey BTW
Thu Jan 01 2009, 06:10am
Hello from the Isle of Man.

Interesting thread as I haveoften wondered about the spread of by Loebs around the country.

I've finally got mine in March '07 after 3 months of chasing the local dealer for one. My initial enquiries fell on deaf ears. At the time (December 18th 2006), the dealer had not heard of the special edition although it was on the Citroen.com website. An email to Citroen UK confirmed there was to be a batch coming to the UK and I chased my dealer - and still heard nothing.

I left it for a while as was out of work and couldn't really afford it. I got a job as a Taxi driver and one day I was dropping a customer at my dealer and a red by Loeb 1.6i was in the showroom (and already sold to the mother of an A1 GP racing driver). I went in to express my unhappiness as they know me very well at the dealers and they agreed to try and get one for me.

It was mid February and it was near impossible to get hold of a red example. There were still plenty of black ones around. I really wanted diesel but it was impossible to locate a red one. If i wanted red it was 1.6i or nothing but I could have had either if I settled for black. The black doesn't do it for me, not special enough in my eyes. I'd always wanted a red C4 with white wheels since August 04 when I saw the C4 WRC concept in the metal at the ICCCR in Switzerland.

The story is getting too long now, but I find it interesting that black is rarer given how easy it was to get hold of one in the initial run! My red one was shipped over from a dealer in Northern Ireland.

And that was it for a year, 2 red by Loebs local to me. Then in March '08 more started appearing. I went to the dealer to ask what the hell was going on as this was meant to be a limited edition. The car in the showroom even had a lower issue number than mine (165 I think). They told me a second batch had been issued and this was one of them. So why the lower issue number?

Now there are 6 red and 2 black ones local to me, and just 2 C2's (one from Feb '07 and the other in the dealer right now). In fact my partner bought a black C4 by Loeb HDi with 22k on the clock 2 days ago, so we're now a 2 by Loeb hoesehold! Mine doesn't get used much but is hugely cherised and as yet has only done less than 2500 miles cos I won't use it on a wet road. Trouble is it goes for weeks without being used because the weather has been so bad since I bought it!

It will be interesting to see if there is a Phase 2 C4 by Loeb launched soon.
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