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By Loeb timescale

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Tue Feb 19 2008, 01:40pm

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Citroeneddie wrote ...

Does anyone know for definite how long this edition is lasting for?

I'm looking to order before Xmas, and it looks tempting.



Well I was in Penrith yesterday at a Peugeot dealers and there was a transporter dropping off a few Pug's but on the top deck waiting to be offloaded was a Sport Red C4 Loeb - it wasn't a VTS engined one (I could tell by the rear silencer)

But I imagine it was going around the corner to David Hayton Citroen in Penrith if anyone is still looking for a brand new one

So unless this has been kicking around in a compound somewhere for a while, looks like Citroen are still turning them out.
Tue Feb 19 2008, 02:12pm

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Joined: Jun 16 2007
Location: Stafford
The VTS engine Loeb was discontinued end of November IIRC.

The 1.6 petrol and 1.6 diesel are still readily available.
Tue Feb 19 2008, 02:50pm
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Joined: Jan 24 2007
Location: Ilkeston, Derbyshire
looks like they are pushing the Loeb at the minute...both of the dealers I have been in over the last few weeks have had one in...on a side note has anyone seen the new VTR interior?? Looks nice, new dark seats (not the grey anymore) and the carbon bits have gone for a new pattern, its like a "dot matrix" type thing...
Tue Feb 19 2008, 04:01pm

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
I still wish there was more of a choice on the interiors like there was when I got mine. I love my Black / Orange interior. Now You get black with grey.
Tue Feb 19 2008, 04:52pm
I agree with you Wozza - i have the blue version , really nice touch of colour but subtle too.
Thu Apr 24 2008, 04:09am
hi Guys, what do you recon the chances of the loeb still being available NEw in say 4 months?
I'm looking at getting one once my redundacy pay comes in but i'm worred they will run out as the loeb looks superb.

If they wont be available i'll just need to get a vtr+ and get a spoiler (coupes need the spoiler IMO), but i'd love to own a special edition.
Thu Apr 24 2008, 04:27am

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Joined: Jan 29 2007
Location: Bristol
Jaff87 wrote ...

coupes need the spoiler IMO

First post and come out with a statement like that?!...You will go far my son! Welcome!

I'm not too sure on what the deal is with the Loeb at the moment as when they were originally released they were limited numbered to with a fixed figure. The engine range was 1.6 or 2.0 Petrol and 1.6 Diesel IIRC - Black or Red.

Due to the popularity they were re-issued beyond the original release figures and thus AFAIK they are still avalible...although only now in 1.6.

Somone else I am sure will confirm either way.
Thu Apr 24 2008, 06:59am
ah well at leaste theres hope .

it was the 1.6 derv, i was looking at, if your going for a derv you might as well get a good looking one.
at the mo they are offering me them new for 14000, with the 0% finance, i can get it about a grand cheaper online but the interest on the finace cancels that out. but i might just see if i can get a pre-registered one. they can however offer ma new petrol one for about 12000, but for the miliage i do the derv will pay the difference in under a year and a half even with todays fuel costs.

i wanted it in black but i'll the red after having a good look at it in a show room ive fallen for it, pretty much nothing else will do .
if i can get a loeb i'll need to go for tha wikid red vtr+ and powder coat the wheels, .
Thu Apr 24 2008, 07:51am
Red Loebs are common, blacks much more exclusive!
Thu Apr 24 2008, 08:18am
hummm me thinks i need to get up close with a black loeb the dealers near me only have a red petrol one each. only thing with a black car a is a beatch to keep clean and swirl free., mind you the while alloyson the red ons would be murder too. so its a catch 22. but i'll need to see the black now.
i dont get why they dont do a white one with dark wheels, would have thought the white would have sold well given the current trend for white cars. everyone on the clio forum I frequent are getting white clio 197 cups they look the dogs but they are common as muck.

and they should have changed the leob sticker to match the body colour like replace the black with red on the black ones. but ive dragged this theread a lil off topic.
Thu Apr 24 2008, 10:12am

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Joined: Jan 29 2007
Location: Bristol
As Simps say Black arnt so easy to get hold of.

Of all the Loeb owners on here (and there are a few!) I think 3tops are black.
Thu Apr 24 2008, 02:26pm
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Joined: Feb 24 2008
Location: London
Did the VTS LOEB also come in black and if so has anyone ever seen one as that must be mega rare
Mon Aug 25 2008, 02:50pm
Hi Folks,, 1st post on here,, I know this thread is a few months old now.. I got my red Loeb 2 weeks ago an I am totally amazed with it, having changed from a mk1 picasso . Living over in Northern Ireland there arent as many of them around so it is nice to be driving a "limited" car. I have seen 2 black ones since I got my own, and not being biased, the red/white looks lots better than the black/silver (my opinion), which is why I went for the red/white.

The car was a pre-reg brought over from England about 4 weeks ago to which I picked up for 10K with only 9 miles on the clock, 4 of those miles I done while test driving it. So I think I picked up a nice bargain for myself.

Car is number 0372 and even comes with a nice plate ending in PYG which I told the wife was a personalised plate just for her... So one so ear later I can now listen to the stereo
Mon Aug 25 2008, 03:27pm

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
I have to say that I still have to see a red or black C4 Loeb on the road anywhere

I have only ever seen one at FCS and have seen a C6 and several new C5's around so the 'Loens' in C4 format really are 'rare'
Mon Aug 25 2008, 09:39pm

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
There are a couple black and red Loebs around my area. My stuck cards on them numerous times but the owners have never showed up....Miserable sods.

Don't know what they are missing.

Still I reckon and Stuey will probably back me up on this now that Red is the way to go. He had the Oriental Blue previously that was rather dark except for in the sun. But Red just shows the lines off on the car so much better.

Especially the Sport Red on the Loeb. Looks stunning when it is clean and polished up. Bit like the Wicked Red except we have to put 10 times as much effort into keeping it looking good. But when it is clean you sit there and think...I really made the right decision with the colour. When it is dirty however you wish you had picked anything but red. Black still looks Black at least when dirty. Wicked red looks brown. Not a good look.
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