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C4 HDi Oil in air intake pipe, normal?

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Sun Oct 11 2015, 02:05am
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Location: uk barnsley
Which nearly happened to mine, even after around 5 oil changes in 2 years and regular flushing i still had a blocked oil strainer in the sump causing oil starvation to the camshaft end. Citroen in my opinion should've done a recall and stuck a different sump on. Surely its their fault old oil congeals/carbonises as these engines run very hot and if youve got old tatty oil in there from years ago something will block eventually.
Sat Jan 30 2016, 07:41pm
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Smeden wrote ...

The amounts of oil seen on the pictures are way too high.
I suspect one of the following causes;
1. Overfilling of motor-oil.
2. The chicane-filter on top of the cam-cover is defective.
3. a "Valve cover gasket leak"..

Sorry to bring back the old topic, but I'm now experiencing this issue!

You mentioned that the filter may be defective, could you describe what would cause this? Is it that it needs cleaning? Or replacing entirely?

Wed Jun 28 2017, 12:31am
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please bring back the old Topic! i have the same Problem with my 1.6 hdi Motor! please explain what i can do and how a oil Absorber has to make!

Wed Dec 26 2018, 04:19am
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Have similar issue here with oil in inlet. Under warranty ther resealed cam cover so im asking is it possible they “damaged” that chicane filter (what is that anyway and can it be replaced?). Few times i have seen even very greasy inlet pipe to turbo.
Tue Jul 02 2019, 03:12am
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Can anyone tell me what is the diameter of the o-ring on the white plastic part? Thanks
Fri Jul 26 2019, 07:04am
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Thu Sep 19 2019, 02:23pm
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I did read somew here that a 4mm thickness o-ring fits and is better to make a good long lasting seal
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