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Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems to be included in MoT from 2012

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Thu Apr 14 2011, 12:23pm
With TPMS the EU can't make up its mind if its a CO2 reduction device or a safety measure, although this year it was 100% safety at the tyre conference in Koeln. In either case it will be mandatory on all new type approvals from 2012 (like DRL's this year). As its safety related you could say its 100% MOT related which why its being mandated by the EU.
To be honest I wish my car had TPMS as its the best way of spotting a flat (tyres don't look under inflated until they reach about 20% of specified pressure).
Sun Aug 21 2011, 01:19pm
I'm a tester and all this seems to be hear say, speculation at the moment.

We have been issued stuff to test trailer sockets for January, I've got a booklet somewhere about split gaiters on track rod ends and ball joints they are going to bring in, and there is a code on the system which we cant use yet to fail for insecure or damaged wiring/harness.

I was told by the VOSA chap running a course on testing vehicles with AFL headlights the other day that the TPMS is likely to only be checked on vehicles with run flat tyres and no spare wheel fitted, but again he didn't know for sure.
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 Dave_Retired. (22 Aug 2011 : 01:35)
Mon Aug 22 2011, 01:35am

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It really is causing some confusion, for everyone.
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