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Sun Mar 20 2011, 08:15am
Hello I've just picked up my 60 plate C4 GP but unfortunately, the garage do not have the correct hand book at the moment !!

On the steering wheel where the "menu" and "mode" buttons are.... if you press menu you get the option to go into vehicle configuration and then the only two options I have are "rear screen wipe" and "DRIVER SELECT"....

Rear screen is obvious but what is driver select and do I want this to be active or inactive??
Sun Mar 20 2011, 08:40am

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Welcome to C4Owners.org!

The options are far too lengthy to describe fully, but you can download a copy of the Owners Handbook here: - Click Here -

Note that for some downloads you need to be a Premier Member - Click Here -
Sun Mar 20 2011, 09:09am
Thanks.... I think I've been reading it wrong....
I think by reading it again it looks like to do driver select "active" or "inactive".... activates/deactivates several functions rather than activating them singally...... Oh, gosh I'm confused.....
Sun Mar 20 2011, 03:11pm
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I think this is same question and answer in here - Click Here -

Quote "The screen prompt isn't very explanatory at all IMO, but it basically means... when active, unlocking with the remote will only unlock the drivers door on first plip, the rest are openend by second press.

With it set to inactive, all doors will open with one press of the remote."
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Sun Mar 20 2011, 03:15pm
Thanks - that's very kind of you to reply!

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