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C4GP crumbling driver's seat

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Mon Feb 28 2011, 06:44am
Can anyone help. The RHS edge of the driver's seat in my C4 Grand Picasso has broken up under the car seat cover.

Dealer says its not covered under warranty as Citroen say the fault is caused by the way the driver gets in and out of the car! They have offered to replace whole seat for a £50 contribution from us (they had another one in with same problem last week).

As far as I can see there is only one way to get in and out of the C4 and I am normal size 12. car is 2.5 years old and I have a 3 year g'tee. Has anyone else had a similar problem and do you think the dealers response is fair?

My concern is that if I pay for a new seat it too will fall apart in the next 3 years.
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 petercollins (03 Apr 2011 : 12:53) , Twopan (18 Apr 2015 : 02:04)
Mon Feb 28 2011, 07:57am

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£50 contribution is a great deal, take it as a replacement would cost getting on for £1,000

Once it's fitted you can then fight for your £50 back

As for a new one falling apart in another 3 years, it may not. Maybe there was a bad batch produced at the same time, who knows for sure.
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  (07 Mar 2011 : 07:02) , petercollins (01 May 2011 : 05:48)
Mon Feb 28 2011, 10:44am
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Just got a second hand GC4 and it has the same problem may be time
for some diy seat stuffing.

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  (07 Mar 2011 : 07:02)
Mon Feb 28 2011, 10:49am

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KenC wrote ...

Just got a second hand GC4 and it has the same problem may be time
for some diy seat stuffing.

Not sure if it's that simple, I think that the material is bonded to the cushion so you may need to get some specialist advice.

Could you let us know how you get on though please for others benefit.
Mon Feb 28 2011, 02:59pm
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Mine too is 3yrs old,and i to have had the same problem,try this,roll up a length of towel, about the of the length of the damage and about the diameter of the ridge off the seat, wrap double sided tape around the towel and then stuff it up the side off the seat. The tape helps it stick to the seat and collects all those bits of foam that breaks off. Mine's been in for about 6 months now, and also gives you the ridge of the seat back.
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Mon Mar 07 2011, 05:34am
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I have taken my seat cousion apart and the foam as split to the cover.

You need to get the side trim off thats near the door and unclip the other side ( 3 clips ).
The reclining handle stopped me getting tha one off.

I wanted to take the seat base out of the car so had to unstitch a small area because the recline shaft goes through it.
I took the seat base out and used a 3M's spray glue I had, then then covered the area with duck tape.

Looks good so far. Next I found a piece of water pipe lagging foam an placed it over the seat structure that cut through the foam to spread the load.

Then put it all back together, feels good lets see how long it lasts!!
Found this site - Click Here -
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  (07 Mar 2011 : 07:02) , K8DTG (02 Jun 2014 : 17:56) , moggie64 (18 Jul 2016 : 18:07)
Mon Mar 07 2011, 06:24am
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Great idea and thanks for posting photos.

A small point:
Duck tape is non permanent and the sticky will dry out and fall off after a year or so. You should use carpet underlay joining tape.
Mon Mar 07 2011, 07:07am
thanks for all the feedback. I've checked again and my contribution is £85 (not £50!) but still relatively small. I think this is the labour cost of the garage. I appreciate that it is a small cost but I am just annoyed that they won't, or say they wont, cover it under the guarantee period.

A chair seat should last longer than 2.5 years and I've never had this problem before with other cars. It could well be a Friday afternoon seat and might never happen again but it makes me wonder what the point of having a guarantee is! I doubt very much that I would get my money back after I have paid the sum over.

Do you think that it should fall under the guarantee?
Mon Mar 07 2011, 10:29am
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Good point on the tape John, Ill just see how it goes.

If it lasts a year Ill be well happy, then try to improve on it.

Ursula I priced up a new seat base from a citroen dealer and it came to £384.06, the seat base foam is injected into the cover so you can't just buy the foam.

Guarantee ? ring Ciroen HQ see what they have to say, but £85 sounds very good.
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 kenmatthews (07 Aug 2018 : 16:27)
Sun Mar 13 2011, 04:16pm
Did contact citroen HQ who said a claim had been made by the garage and they were waiting for more info! I had to ring garage and tell them what HQ wanted. Apparantly my claim hasn't been declined (yet) but before HQ will consider paying out under guarantee I have to take the car in (again) and whilst it is online the garage have to send HQ photos of the seat to prove that the damage is really on my car and not on some other car!! Bizarre.

Appears HQ don't trust their local dealers. Will let you know what happens!
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 kriston (17 Mar 2014 : 18:37)
Fri Apr 22 2011, 02:04pm
Hi Guys,
Was cleaning the GP out today and thought there was a Snow storm around the drivers seat !. Looks like I have the same problem as you, Mine is just a few months out of warranty but I would put it down to poor disign or even workmanship, I am going to contact them after the Bank Holiday see what they have to say,
Let you know
Fri Apr 22 2011, 03:19pm
Mine is a bit shabby on that edge despite it only having done 20k. When you think about the design of the seat it has a quite high raised edge that you swing your leg over when you get in or out.

A car seat on the other hand will not wear as badly because you sit lower and your leg is less likely to drag on the seat as you reach for the kerb with your feet.
As its only the offside bolster that wears, I'll put money on that being the cause.

All the other MPV's I have had have much flatter seats and have not had a problem like this but in saying that have not had such comfortable seats either.
I suppose thats the trade off you have for having deep comfy almost bucket like seats instead of flat topped ones.
Sun May 01 2011, 05:54am
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had my seat edge replaced under warranty by evans halshaw citroen darlington
Tue Jun 14 2011, 04:37pm
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Just had my seat replaced as a goodwill guesture from Citroen. The dealer Ashford Citroen close to Staines were excellent.
Tue Jun 14 2011, 05:07pm
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I have the same problem with my driver's seat on 2007 (57) C4GP but as now out of warranty I doubt they will do anything.

The side support section has totally split from the base of the seat.

Any ideas if i stand a chance of getting fixed?
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